Prime Minister Luvsannamsrein Oyuun-Erdene opened the route

745 km across the steppe. A new road from Russia to China through Mongolia has been opened

745 km across the steppe. New road from Russia to China through Mongolia opened

A 745 km road from Russia to China. It passed through the western Mongolian aimags (regions) of Khovd and Bayan-Ulgiy.

The opening ceremony took place on October 31st. As part of the project, 33 bridges up to 200 m long and 1.3 km of a mesh fence to protect against stones were built.

The new route will become part of a transport corridor from Novosibirsk to Urumqi 4,500 km long. It will connect the capital of Siberia with the western region of China – the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region.

Prime Minister of Mongolia Luvsannamsrayn Oyuun-Erdene said that the country plans to build another road through the steppe from Russia to China, this time in the east.

It will connect the points of Altan-Bulag (Trans-Baikal Territory) and Zamyn-Uude (border of Mongolia and China). From there, it is only 500 km to Beijing.

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