Woman put off travel for months

“A dream vacation turned into a nightmare.” 61-year-old tourist fell into a coma in Turkey

German tourist Gabrielle Elsmann, 61 ) fell into a coma on vacation in Turkish Kemer. On October 15, she flew on vacation from her native Chemnitz (Federal State of Saxony) with her friend.

The vacationer felt good, but on October 18, on the 3rd day of the trip, she lost consciousness right in the hotel room. Her friend immediately called the paramedics. They diagnosed a German woman with an aneurysm of cerebral vessels. The woman fell into a coma, where she remains to this day.

“My mother put off this trip for several months. But the dream vacation turned into a nightmare,” says her 34-year-old daughter Monica

Gabriel did not have international health insurance, according to the girl. Therefore, now the family is forced to pay 1,000 euros for each day of the mother's stay in the Kemer clinic. Transporting a woman to her homeland is also beyond their means.

Continuation and photo, see Yandex.Zen

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