Until spring, most Russian airlines used foreign systems

All Russian airlines have switched to domestic booking systems

All Russian airlines have switched to domestic booking systems< /p>

After the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine and the imposition of Western sanctions, Russian airlines began to switch to domestic air travel booking systems. By now, this process has been fully completed, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation reported.

Until the spring of 2022, most airlines used foreign booking systems: Aeroflot; — American Saber, "Victory" — American Navitaire, and S7 and Ural Airlines — Spanish Amadeus.

Only those carriers who are focused on domestic flights worked with domestic systems: Red Wings, RusLine, Yamal, Utair, Azimuth. There are two Russian systems in total: "Leonardo" (developers – Sirena Travel JSC and Rostec) or TAIS (JSC "ORS"). The first of them works only for those who fly on a direct flight and do not provide for transit.

Now everyone has been transferred to Russian systems. According to the Ministry of Transport, this will allow airlines "not to depend on the decisions and threats of unilateral termination of service by foreign providers".

For continuation and photos, see Yandex.Zen< /p>

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