A huge mass of snow rolled down from the slope right on them

An avalanche hit a group of tourists near Baikal

An avalanche hit a group of tourists near Baikal

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In Buryatia, a group of tourists traveling through the mountains along the southern shore of Lake Baikal was hit by an avalanche.

Researchers were crossing mountain gorge Mamai in the Kabansky district of Buryatia. From the slope of Mount Mamai, a river of the same name flows into Baikal, forming a deep gorge.

Tourists were crossing the crevice when a huge mass of snow began to descend from the slope right onto them. Most managed to escape away from the avalanche, but one of them fell into a snowy stream.

He was saved by the fact that he took cover behind a large stone. Nevertheless, the man was injured.

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