The ancient city of Enez, near the Dardanelles, was chosen as the site

An underwater museum is being created in the Aegean Sea for 1 million euros

In the Aegean Sea they are creating underwater museum for 1 million euros

The EU authorities have invested 939.5 thousand euros in the project TREASURE to create an underwater museum near the Turkish city of Enez near the border with Greece.

Turkey is not a member of the EU, but the European community is trying to support projects to develop the country's cultural and tourism potential. The site of the TREASURE project (“treasure”) is the ancient city of Enez on the Aegean Sea, not far from the Dardanelles. It was the capital of the Ottoman Empire in 1369-1453, until Constantinople.

An underwater museum is being created 2 km from the coast at a depth of 18 meters, where copies of ancient statues are placed. For example, the winged goddess of victory Nike, the figure of a lion, a reproduction of the ancient wall of the city. The originals of the statues are kept in the Archaeological Museum of Edirne near Enez.

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