“Winter” for coastal regions means rain and strong winds

Bad weather at a resort in Italy claimed the lives of 7 people

Bad weather at a resort in Italy claimed lives of 7 people

Torrential rains on the Italian island of Ischia led to landslides that hit the city Casamicciola Terme.

Ischia is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, 25 km from Naples. Along with the islands of Capri and Procida, this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in southern Italy.

The tourist season in the region has already ended. Now “winter” is coming there, which for the coastal regions of Italy means an abundance of rain and a strong sea wind.

In Ischia, they led to mudflows that the locals were not ready for. The element claimed the lives of 7 people, incl. children. Five more are missing.

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