The best 5-star Tokyo hotels 2021 (Local guide recommendations)

Tokyo is a huge metropolis visited by 20 million tourists every year. Many of them choose the best 5-star hotels in Tokyo during their stay in the capital of Japan. All five-star hotels in Tokyo are located in the central part of the city. It so happened historically that Tokyo was built around the Imperial Palace, like Moscow around the Kremlin. The most prestigious areas for living Marunouchi and Ginza are located near the imperial palace. By staying in these areas, you will always have easy access to the main attractions of Tokyo, and in the evening you can go to the best restaurants of the capital, which are within walking distance.

Top Hotels Tokyo 5 Star 2021 (Local Guide Recommendations)

Capital Central Station – Tokyo Station

Top 5 Best 5 Star Hotels in Tokyo

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Konstantin Zuev (Tokyo guide) compiled this rating to recommend a 5 star hotel in the center of Tokyo. All hotels from this rating are located in the center of Tokyo – the most convenient place in terms of logistics and nightlife. I can recommend hotels from this list, based on my many years of experience and customer reviews. By staying in this area, you can easily get to Narita and Haneda airports and the Tokyo railway station, which connects the capital with the main cities of Japan.

1. Conrad

The hotel's excellent location and value for money make this hotel top of our list. Within walking distance are Ginza, the fish market, right behind the hotels is the Hamarikyu garden. The hotel is connected to the Yurikamome Monorail Station, which runs a robotic train directly to the Odaiba garbage island. If I were asked to recommend a good 5-star hotel in Tokyo, I would recommend this hotel first of all.

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2. Mandarin Oriental

The well-known hotel chain “Mandarin Oriental” has its own hotel in Tokyo. A very luxurious hotel with all amenities and great views of Tokyo! But its prices (one of the most expensive on the list) and a slightly remote location from central Ginza, made this 5 * hotel the second in our rating. But if you do not face the question of price, then feel free to book this hotel.

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3. Shangri-La

Another very good 5* hotel in Tokyo is Shangri-La. The convenient location (the hotel is adjacent to the “Tokyo” train station) and the excellent price are two reasons why my clients book this hotel very often. To take a train to Kyoto or Osaka, you only need to go down to the first floor and walk to the platform without fuss. Believe me, it's very convenient!

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< h3> 4. Hoshinoya

This is the best Japanese style 5 star hotel in Tokyo. Hoshinoya is a hotel for those who want to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of traditional Japanese culture. I would recommend this hotel to you if you don't mind walking around in a kimono, sleeping on the floor (you will have a soft mattress), and eating Japanese food for breakfast and dinner! Hoshinoya is located 300 meters from the Imperial Palace in the heart of Tokyo's “Manhattan” – the Marunouchi district. This hotel is a high-tech ryokan (Japanese-style hotel). This is the most expensive hotel on our list of the best hotels in Tokyo, but you definitely won't regret staying there. All my clients who have stayed at Hoshinoya have been delighted with this hotel.

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5. Peninsula

This hotel is located between Ginza and the Imperial Palace. Hibiya Imperial Park is located across the road from the hotel. Those who are accustomed to running in the morning, leaving the hotel, will discover a 15 km circular route around the Imperial Palace in the heart of Tokyo.

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The second top five best 5-star hotels in Tokyo

Of course, the list of good five-star hotels in Tokyo is not limited to only five names. Next, I will name hotels that are also located in the central part of the city and which you should pay attention to if the previous options did not suit you for some reason.

The top ten best 5-star hotels in Tokyo also included :

    Ana Intercontinental Tokyo, located in a fashionable area. Nearby is the Roppongi area – one of the centers of Tokyo's nightlife. The Ritz-Carlton, a good 5 star hotel. There are many restaurants and bars around. Palace Hotel, the hotel is located directly across the street from the entrance to the eastern part of the imperial palace. From the rooms on the upper floors of the hotel, the entire complex of the imperial palace is visible at a glance. Four Seasons Hotel Hotel New Otani, located in a quiet area near the Imperial Palace.

If you are planning your trip to Japan, then I would recommend you the following excursion schedule: 2 days in Tokyo, 1 day to visit Nikko, 1 day to the surroundings of Mount Fuji, 1 day to Kamakura. All these days you can live in Tokyo and do field trips. Then it is better to move to Kyoto and spend 3 days and 2 nights there, seeing Kyoto and Nara (30 minutes by train from Kyoto). This is the best route to get to know Japan in a short time (8 days).

P.S. If you are interested in more budget accommodation options in Tokyo, then also see “the best hotels in Tokyo with 4 stars“.

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