Occupancy of Kolyma hotels reached 91%

“You'd better come to us!” The Russians were told about the boom in tours to the Kolyma increased. The governor of the region Sergey Nosov told RBC about this.

This year, due to the conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions, it is extremely difficult for Russians to get to rest in Europe. Therefore, many rushed to tour in their native country.

“People began to complain. They say, listen, there are not enough guides, people are working to break. Because they turn, turn, turn. They go to see the unfinished objects that have become famous”, — Nosov said.

According to the official, the occupancy rate of Kolyma hotels has reached 91%. Today's number of places in hotels is not enough. Therefore, a four-star hotel with 120 beds is currently being built in Nagaev Bay near Magadan.

In Soviet times, the Kolyma river valley in the Magadan region became the center of Stalin's Gulag and camps through which millions of people passed. The word “Kolyma” has since become a household name.

Recently, journalists have shown increasing interest in the region. Tens of millions of views were collected by Yuri Dud's film “Kolyma – the birthplace of our fear” 2019. According to Governor Nosov, correspondents from three federal channels came to Magadan this year and made similar films about the region.

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