A businessman rests next to his own daughter and ex-wife

Borodina's ex-husband followed her to Thailand with a new bride

< p>Borodina's ex-husband followed her to Thailand with a new bride

Dagestani businessman Kurban Omarov is resting in Phuket with his fiancee Valeria. The couple has a 20-year age difference, but this is not an obstacle to their love.

Omarov owns a construction and jewelry business in the Caucasus and Moscow. He became famous in the early 2010s when he married Ksenia Borodina. They had a daughter, Theona. Thanks to the TV presenter, the businessman himself became a star. On Instagram, he has more than 5 million subscribers.

However, then Kurban broke up with Ksenia and now lives with 20-year-old Valeria. Borodina says that the businessman began to cheat on her with a young girl, while still married.

Be that as it may, on New Year's Eve, the ex-husband went on vacation to Thailand, where Borodina and her two daughters are already resting.< /p>

Observers have noticed that while Borodin is resting in luxurious hotels, Omarov saves literally on everything. He himself admitted that when he rented a motorcycle, he asked the owner for a discount of 1,500 rubles.

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