Russians were surprised by Coca-Cola in stores

“They chose Iran or North Korea.” Russians shared their impressions of tours to new countries

Tourists from Novosibirsk Artur Koshkin and Viktor Dotsenko shared impressions from a trip to Iran.

This year, due to the conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions, the usual holiday destinations, primarily European countries, have become almost inaccessible for Russians. Therefore, many began to explore new states that are friendly to the current authorities of the Russian Federation.

As Siberians admitted in a conversation with, they chose between Iran and North Korea. Men are keen on cycling and have read that these countries have the infrastructure for such trips.

Plane tickets from Novosibirsk to Tehran via Moscow cost only 31,000 rubles round-trip. They issued an Iranian visa electronically. They were pleased with the prices in the country: a metro ride in Tehran costs about 5 rubles.

“We went there, thinking that we would see almost a medieval country. But that's not how it turned out in reality. Yes, in terms of comfort, this is not Europe. But shopping centers work here. All modern gadgets are also sold. I was surprised that many people in Iran speak English. They have some fantastic bookstores: huge. There are no such people in Novosibirsk. Moreover, they sell books in English,” Viktor Dotsenko said.

The Russians were surprised by the presence of Coca-Cola in stores and graffiti with American cartoon characters. All this is combined with the anti-American course of the country's authorities. Another object that catches the eye is the samovar, which is widely used for brewing tea.

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