The US and Europe have made it clear that they will not tolerate circumvention of sanctions

Countries popular with Russian tourists refuse to accept MIR cards

Countries popular with Russian tourists refuse accept MIR cards

Banks of many countries, incl. those where Russians like to relax have stopped accepting Russian MIR bank cards.

Since the beginning of this year, due to the conflict in Ukraine, Russians have been cut off access to international banking systems, and Russian MIR cards are not accepted abroad. However, countries such as Turkey, Vietnam, Armenia, for a long time tried to accept them in order to satisfy the demands of tourists from Russia, whose number is constantly growing.

However, in recent weeks, the US and European countries have made it clear that they will not tolerate any country circumventing international sanctions and accepting Russian cards. The authorities and banks of foreign countries began to take measures.

The first such reports came from Turkey. It was reported that in Antalya, many banks refuse Russian cards. So far, they are consistently accepted only at Ziraat Bankas. Denizbank and Iş Bankası banks very often refuse to issue funds.

Now there is information that the cards of the world have ceased to be accepted in Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Armenia, where there were many Russians this summer. As the Izvestia newspaper writes, this decision was made by the Vietnamese bank BIDV and the Kazakh Halyk. The Central Bank of Armenia also stated that the country's banks have the right to refuse MIR cards in order not to fall under sanctions.

Experts in the financial and tourism industries, as before, urge Russians to withdraw cash rubles in Russia in advance and exchange them for local currency at exchange offices upon arrival.

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