In Crimea, at the site of the art cluster “Tavrida”, the seventh educational run “On Air” has ended. 325 young professionals from 67 regions of Russia, the Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics worked for a week within five art schools: they immersed themselves in the film industry and made short films, developed games and created channels in new media, studied winemaking and made cheese

Creative development of territories, sectors of the economy and industries is being designed at Tavrida

Creative development of territories, sectors of the economy and industries are designed at Tavrida

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Participants of the art school dedicated to the development of the Far East, and the Meganomics School of Creative Economy Leaders; in parallel, we worked on projects to introduce creative industries tools in the regions. Together with senior colleagues, film production and new media were mastered by 35 schoolchildren – participants of the All-Russian contest “The Big Change”.

The art school of cinema and series brought together producers, directors, screenwriters, cameramen, sound engineers, actors and production specialists. For a week they were divided into several film crews, each of which worked on the creation of its own short film. As a result, the participants presented 3 works, filmed in the scenery, simulated in virtual reality. They were immersed in Virtual Production technology by – XOVP founders and leaders Yuri Yarushnikov, Andrey Ereshko, Rostislav Musaev and Pavel Tairov. Another 13 short films were filmed in various locations available on the territory of “Tavrida”. Filming equipment was provided by Kirillin Camera Rental.

Creative development of territories, sectors of the economy and industries is being designed at Tavrida

In parallel with the filming, a scenario camp was held as part of the art school, with 30 authors participating in it. They worked on their materials, strengthening them every day thanks to the advice and support of experts: director, screenwriter Daria Lebedeva; producer, founder of the film studio “Heirs” Anton Tyurikov; the leading producer of the documentary film MTS Media/KION Angelina Golikova; creative producer of the TV3 channel Vladimir Permyakov; screenwriter Savva Minaev; editor-in-chief of Potential Film Company, screenwriter Alexander Varennikov.

35 participants came to the final pitching. They were evaluated by representatives of – industry leaders: 1-2-3 production, TV3 channel, XOVP, Nasledniki film studio, Ivy and OKKO online cinemas, Potential Film Company production center. According to the results of the studio and the platform, 11 scenario applications were noted and selected for further work.
The educational part of the program of the Art School of Cinema and Series, developed in partnership with the Center for the Development of Regional Media and Cinema “Mediapolis”, consisted of a series of lectures from experts on entry points to the film industry. Thus, creative producer Danil Motin spoke about producing a project from idea to promo and how to build a successful film career, Savva Minaev shared life hacks on how to write a script, & nbsp; Daria Lebedeva suggested the ideas of films that will gather full houses. Alexander Varennikov not only gave a lecture in which he spoke about the short film as a springboard to a big movie, but also impromptu pitched among his listeners. As a result, 4 participants of the art school received accreditation with access to all the events of the Potential Project Market-2022 program, which will be held in October in St. Petersburg.

Game Design Art School Held at Tavrida first. Young gamedev pros: developers, concept artists, virtual space designers, 3D modelers, character designers and game designers themselves, – plunged into the world of game development for a week to create a catalog of mini-games based on the theme “Place of Power on Tavrida”. As a result, 8 full-cycle games were presented, including 2 board games, which everyone could test.

Creative development of territories, sectors of the economy and industries are being designed at Tavrida

The main partner of the – International College of Information Technology IThub. College experts: commercial director Kristina Gral, producer Lyubov Kuleva, head of PR and advertising Stanislav Krasnov, head of the business role «Gamedesigner» Anna Voinova, educational products manager Dina Kulikova, developer and teacher Nikita Zyz, – supervised the workflow, and also read a series of lectures on the key concepts of game design, how to create and present a game, how to understand the user and teach him how to play. As a result of the work, the participants of the art school received certificates of completion of the course from IThub.

“Tavrida” – an important project that connects a huge number of talented people who want to realize themselves through creative and educational potential. And IThub is also about the realization of talents. We strive to ensure that our students at the exit were full-fledged specialists. On this we built the work of the art school. What came of it? As a result of fruitful working days, the participants showed themselves at a high level, were able to embody amazing story stories, created games that can really qualify for a commercial sequel. In my opinion, this is a successful game jam in such a short time, – shared the producer of IThub college, an expert of the art school of game design & nbsp; Lubov Kuleva. –  We will follow the further development of the teams, and are already ready to invite them to participate in our IThub Games incubator in order to work with some of the students more.

Creative development of territories, branches of the economy and industries is being designed at Tavrida

The art school of new media was dedicated to modern trends in the media sphere. SMM specialists and content makers, journalists working in new media, bloggers, and along with them, novice representatives of the – participants of the “Big Change” worked in teams to create and fill channels in new media. Result – 15 Telegram channels of various subjects with the first hundreds of subscribers. The partner of the educational program of the art school of new media was the program “Workshop of new media”, organized by ANO “Dialogue”, the presidential platform “Russia – land of opportunity and the Senezh Management Workshop. Workshop experts, together with the team of media manager Kristina Potupchik, supervised the work of participants and shared knowledge on how to create a personal brand or media project, how to create high-quality content and conduct analytics, how to work out informational occasions in social media, how to monetize your channels and implement a project with the help of grants .

“Within the framework of the art cluster” Tavrida ” we organized an educational platform on new media for 120 young media professionals from different regions of Russia.  Together with a team of experts, the participants worked out the skills of creating and developing Telegram channels, launched media resources in three areas: copyright, thematic and media channels, – spoke about the results of the work of the expert of the art school, the head of the program “Workshop of new media” Mikhail Kanavtsev. –  Many of the art school participants are already opinion leaders and role models for their peers. By teaching them the basics of cyber literacy, modern media tools and creating constructive content, we strive to form for some, and for others to strengthen the value foundation so that they can be even more useful to society for years to come».

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The most highly specialized art school of the educational race, also the debut for Tavrida, – art school of winemaking and cheese making. Novice farmers, cheese makers and winemakers, students of agricultural universities, technologists and biotechnologists, food industry marketers explored viticulture and winemaking, cheese making and farming in Russia for a week. The participants were immersed in the subtleties of the wine business, secrets of production, rules of sale and promotion, in the prospects for specialists and for the industry as a whole, the chief winemaker of Solnechnaya Dolina LLC; Valentina Tretyak, Managing Partner of the Crimea Open wine project Alexander Golubev, Leading Researcher, Head of the Basic Department of Viticulture and Winemaking Magarach; Nonna Gnilomedova, chief winemaker of LLC “Kuban-Vino” Wanda Botnari, creator and winemaker of the Andrys Yutsis project Andrius Jucis, winemaker of the “Repin” project Ksenia Repina, winemaker of “Repin”, “Esse”, “Loco Cimbali” projects Oleg Repin, chief oenologist of the agency of viticulture and oenology Cler  Andrey Kuzmin, Director of the Association of Vine Growers and Winemakers of Crimea “Crimean Bureau of Vine and Wine” Timofey Mesenyashin.

The participants spent one of the days of arrival in the wine park MRIYA.WINEPARK together with the project manager Evgenia Konstantinova. During the tour, they were able to get in touch with the process of beverage production and see with their own eyes an example of a successful wine business.

Young cheese makers and farmers learned how to make cheese, and also how to build a business around this business: create a team, organize farming and production, market products, attract investments, navigate the industry. They were trained by a team led by  Chairman of the Association “People's Farmer”, the founder of the Istra cheese factory, cheese maker Oleg Sirota. Also among the experts is the founder of the family gastro-farm «FEODORO» Denis Vanzha, founder of the Academy of Cheese community Denis Kozhevnikov, First Deputy Director of the Rural Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Renata Bibarsova. Completing the work of the art school, cheese makers held a mass tasting of cheese brewed on the site of the art cluster in a large open cauldron.

Creative development of territories, sectors of the economy and industries are being designed at Tavrida

The art school dedicated to the development of the Far East brought together architects, designers, marketers, PR managers and leaders of creative projects from the Far East and Arctic regions. They were asked to design new solutions to develop the attractiveness of the territories of the Far East and the Arctic for life, tourism, investment and business.

In educational formats, experts introduced participants to various areas for implementing creative ideas in the Far East: small business organization, tourism, various forms of production, volunteering and social activities. Director of the Territory Development Department of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East and the Arctic Ilya Petrasov presented the Far East to the participants and the prospects that it opens up for creative youth. managing partners Olga Gorelova and Andrey Mayer shared their experience in creating tourism projects and provided examples of successfully implemented cases. Deputy Director of Technopark “Russian” (Vladivostok), entrepreneur Viktor Pakhmutov gave advice to young professionals on how to understand what to do and how to make money on it. Georgy Andreev, project manager “Volunteers of the Arctic”, researcher at the Arctic Research Center, TEDx Expert, told  about your  community and the specifics of the work of NGOs in the Arctic regions.
In the workshop format, the participants of the art school worked out five cases: & nbsp; development of the tourism potential of the city of Magadan; creating branding and events to attract tourists to the Arkhangelsk region; development of solutions for the development of ecotourism on Baikal; designing an art space in Khabarovsk; formation of proposals for the master plan of Severo-Kurilsk. On the final day, the participants of the art school presented 8 projects at the pitching in front of the leadership of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East. and specialized experts in the development of the territories of the Far East.

“Each case that our participants worked on represented a real applied task for the development of the territory. In the list of customers –  sectoral regional authorities and development institutions, – says art school expert, managing partner of and  founder of Andrey Mayer. – The developed cases and personal projects that the participants presented at the final pitching received a positive assessment from experts and case customers. There was also constructive feedback on the development and possible resources to support these projects, including from the Far East Development Corporation.
During the pitching, the jury especially noted the projects of the participants in the development of the territories of Magadan, the Arkhangelsk region and Severo-Kurilsk. The implementation of the activities of these projects is scheduled for 2023 with the involvement of federal grant resources.

Creative development of territories, sectors of the economy and industries is being designed at Tavrida

As part of the race «On Air» a grant competition of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs with a large educational track was held. The winners of the competition were participants from Sevastopol, Altai, Kamchatka and Khabarovsk Territories, Penza Region, the Republics of Udmurtia and Chuvashia. The total amount of grants was 3,700,000 rubles.
Casting platform “Tavrida.ART” held a series of selections within the framework of the “Internships and Employment” direction. According to their results, 16 participants of the educational race “On Air” received offers to work as a news anchor on Radio1, as a freelancer for Literaturnaya Gazeta, as well as the opportunity to do an internship as an SMM manager at the Igor Krutoy Academy and as a project manager at the Youth Initiatives production center.

< p> In parallel with the art schools on the site of the art cluster “Tavrida” passed the school of leaders of the creative economy «Meganomics».
The session was attended by representatives of departments of regional and territorial development, rectors and vice-rectors of creative universities and colleges, heads of creative clusters, creative projects and cultural institutions from the Amur and Sakhalin regions, & nbsp; Trans-Baikal and Primorsky Territories, the Republics of Sakha (Yakutia) and Buryatia. The training was conducted for them within the framework of the program “Strategy for the socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region for the period up to 2025”.
“In the Far East, almost every city links its future with the creative industries. We have already passed the first stage, when no one understood what the creative industries are. Now we have dealt with this and moved on to the next stage, at which it is important to clearly and substantively formulate a request, – says the director of the department for the development of territories of the Corporation for the Development of the Far East; Ilya Petrasov. – Educational program organized jointly with “Tavrida” – for us a pilot this year. And we hope that it will continue, and the first result will be the creation of an ecosystem based on the ideas and projects that will be born on this site, and the emergence of the first agents of this ecosystem in the Far East».

Creative development of territories, sectors of the economy and industries are being designed at Tavrida

During the educational session of “Meganomics” The following experts worked with the participants: Bernardo Paoli, Program Manager at the British Higher School of Design and RANEPA; President of the association of specialists in the field of civil and social initiatives «STATUS» Zhanna Kotova; Head of Creative work hub Artem Zatolokin; CX researcher Daria Matkina; founder of Eduaid Natalia Gross. From different angles, they revealed the problems of education of the future in the context of training for the creative industries. During the workshops, the participants developed a series of projects that will later be included in the regional development roadmap.



Reference information: “Tavrida.ART” – an opportunity platform that helps young people realize their professional potential in the creative industries, culture and arts. Organizer – ANO “Center for the Development of Cultural Initiatives”. “Tavrida.ART” is part of the federal project “Youth of Russia” national project “Education” and is implemented with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). His story “Tavrida” started in 2015, when it received the status of the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum. In eight years, the project has been transformed into a single ecosystem.

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