Cruise Planners to Offer Clients Trips to Space

Cruise Planners reserved two full capsules scheduled to fly in 2025 and 2027 on Spaceship Neptune. (photo via Cruise Planners Media)

Cruise Planners announced a new partnership with Space Perspective to offer clients trips to space.

The travel agency franchise network revealed it had reserved two full capsules scheduled to fly in 2025 and 2027 on Spaceship Neptune. The spacecraft was designed to be “the most accessible, most sustainable and safest” in the industry.

“Cruise Planners has always been a pioneer and at the forefront of innovation in the travel industry,” CEO Michelle Fee said. “We are excited for our advisors to be able to offer such a unique experience to their clients that pushes all boundaries of travel as we know it.”

Eight passengers and their pilot will be transported on a six-hour journey on the pressurized capsule propelled by a SpaceBalloon. With the balloon attached for the entirety of the flight, travelers will ascend steadily at 12 miles per hour, making the experience accessible for anyone who can fly with a commercial airline.

The Space Lounge’s interior layout was designed to maximize comfort and enhance the astronaut experience, including access to the telescope and interactive screens, a bar, the largest windows ever flown to space, high-speed Wi-Fi and more.

“Space Perspective is changing the face of space travel,” Global Sales-Trade Partnerships Head Edyta Teper said. “We are delighted that Cruise Planners is one of the early pioneers to present this exciting and life changing experience to their clients.”

Cruise Planners recently hosted the first seminar to train advisors on this unique experience so they can help answer any questions from clients.

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