Many people complain about the quality of services provided

Dental tourism. Tourists go to Turkey en masse for the sake of dentistry

Dental tourism. Tourists go to Turkey en masse for dentistry

A new type of tourism is gaining popularity in Turkey – dental tourism.

According to experts, in the US and Europe, a dental crown costs $600-650 (more than 30,000 rubles at the current exchange rate). In Turkey – many times cheaper. Due to the difficult economic situation in Turkey and record inflation foreigners can come to the country for the same money, get crowns, and even relax on the sea.

According to Euronews, 150 Turkish dentists come to Turkish dentists every year -250 thousand foreign patients. This makes Turkey the world leader in dental tourism along with Hungary, Thailand and Dubai.

Many foreigners complain about the quality of medical services provided in Turkey. To improve the situation, the authorities hold fairs and specialized forums for doctors.

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