In March 2020, flights were stopped due to the pandemic.

Direct flights from St. Petersburg to Sri Lanka launched

Direct flights from St. Petersburg to Sri Lanka launched Sri Lanka

AzurAir announced the launch of direct flights from St. Petersburg to Colombo ( Sri Lanka).

This was reported in the press service of Pulkovo Airport. The first flight is scheduled for November 3rd. Then they will be carried out every 10-11 days. Holidays in Sri Lanka with a flight with these flights are offered by ANEX Tour.

Previously, AzurAir has already operated such flights, but in March 2020 they stopped them due to the pandemic. On October 9, Aeroflot launched direct flights from Moscow to Colombo. It is also planned to launch flights from Novosibirsk.

Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) is a large island south of India, where a unique culture has developed at the intersection of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. There are many interesting places, animals, jungles, seas and beaches. However, protests and social unrest have rocked the country in recent months, scaring away some tourists.

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