Museum Embankment will take place on Volzhskaya Embankment for the fifth time on September 10

Yaroslavl Dream Factory and DJ set from the balcony

Yaroslavl Dream Factory and DJ set with balcony

The museum embankment in Yaroslavl was conceived as a project to create a new urban public space to breathe life into the beloved Volga embankment, fill it with events and drive. So that Yaroslavl residents and guests of the city can spend their free time here, learn something new, get new experience and new impressions, and finally be surprised. And the main rapper points of the project were to be the Yaroslavl museums, of which, for a minute, there are 9 museums in the area of ​​the Volzhskaya embankment!

Yaroslavl Dream Factory and DJ set from the balcony

More than a year has passed since the beginning of the project, has anything changed? Judge for yourself.

When else on the Volga embankment it was possible to see 19 open-air museums at the same time in one day, together with them weaving, crafting, sculpting, doing scientific experiments? When else will Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin and the fabulous Watchmaker bow to you on the Yaroslavl embankment?

How long has it been since a good open-air movie was shown on the Volzhskaya embankment, passers-by did their morning zumba workout, danced to jazz, sang along with street musicians in chorus? And dozens of Yaroslavl craftsmen demonstrated their products, treated them, arranged master classes. And on the Museum Embankment this summer, they played board games on the lawns, took pictures with dogs, did yoga on the grass, listened to lectures, watched the plein air, baked pancakes and learned the basics of ecology.

< img title="Yaroslavl Dream Factory and DJ set from the balcony" src="/files/fabrika-grez-jaroslavlja-i-dj-set-s-balkona-1464643.jpg" alt="Yaroslavl Dream Factory and DJ set from the balcony" />

On September 10, we will continue to fill the Volzhskaya embankment with life! Only within the framework of the project «Museum Embankment» for the first time in Yaroslavl:

– you can see photos of rare exhibits of Yaroslavl museums hanging on a string with clothespins between trees;
– witness how DJ MELO MAN will play his DJ set on vinyl right above the heads of passers-by on the balcony of the Museum of the History of the City;
– become a participant in an open line training from the Yaroslavl team of slackliners «YarSlack» — learn to walk on air.
– become spectators of pre-revolutionary films shot at the Yaroslavl dream factory. Yes, yes, we had our own man from the Boulevard des Capucines and, in fact, the Magic Dreams cinema was working; and most importantly — filmed his own movie. Silent movie in the open air with a cup of hot coffee and a wonderful view of the Volga….

Yaroslavl Dream Factory and DJ set from the balcony

The entire open stage of the Museum Embankment will work in the “Made in Yaroslavl” format: cartoons from the legendary Yaroslavl studio “Perspektiva”, performances by Yaroslavl musicians, a quiz from Yaroslavl museums and many prizes. “Made in Yaroslavl” is also a market of Yaroslavl artisans.

The Museum Embankment supports the unprecedented action of kindness “City about Love”, which started on August 20 during the city picnic “Feast on the Volga”. Traditionally September – worldwide blood cancer awareness month. Therefore, the project «Museum Embankment» in September the Leukemia Foundation joined. The project team will hold gaming activities, including an educational quiz about the properties of blood and proper nutrition.

Yaroslavl Dream Factory and DJ set from the balcony

2 more charity projects became partners of the Museum Embankment: Yaroslavl regional branch of the all-Russian public organization “Russian Red Cross”; and public organization Facing the World. Master classes, quizzes, lotteries, souvenirs, lectures await guests at these venues.
We are waiting for you on September 10 from 11 am to 7 pm on the upper tier of the Volga embankment.

Autumn starts here!

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