Activists cut the fence and burst onto the runway

Environmentalists picketed Berlin airport, detaining hundreds of tourists

Environmentalists picketed Berlin airport, detaining hundreds of tourists< /p>

Last Thursday, November 25th, climate activists from the Last Generation movement blocked the work of the new Berlin airport.

Young people cut a metal mesh fence with wire cutters and broke into one of the runways (runways). There they unfurled posters demanding to speed up the “green” transition and rejection of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

As a result, the reception and departure of flights from the air harbor of the capital of Germany were completely stopped for several hours. The activists were soon caught on the runway by airport security and detained.

As reported by the German media, numerous passengers and tourists at the airport took the action extremely negatively. An elderly couple from Swabia called them in an interview “absolute mob”, “idiots” and called for severe punishment.

The young Berliner said he agreed with the position of the activists, but not with their methods. Because of the action, he missed the plane to his beloved, who lives in London.

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