Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

May is a traditional time not only for the opening of the barbecue season, but also for trips abroad, especially in the first half of the month. Among the most obvious destinations is Egypt, where the beloved all-inclusive, smiling service and the sun at its fullest. What is the weather there, what hotel is better to choose and how to get to Egypt in general in May 2022, I will tell in this article.

What documents do you need for a holiday in Egypt?

The content of the article:

I'll start with the main one – a passport, it must be valid for more than six months from the date of entry. Upon arrival, you need to prepare $25 for a visa or pay it when buying a tour; except for the Sinai Peninsula – Sharm el-Sheikh, Taba, Dahab – they put a stamp there for free (but keep in mind that you can't go to the pyramids with such a stamp).

Next – covid certificates in English with a QR code. In 2022, all tourists over 12 years old (inclusive) need one thing:

  • PCR test in 72 hours
  • antigen test in 24 hours
  • certificate of a vaccinated person (of the Russian ones, only Sputnik V is suitable)
  • certificate of a person who has been ill

You also need to provide a health declaration. There are two options: fill out an electronic form no earlier than 2 days before the trip, and save it in your smartphone; or the old-fashioned way – with a pen on paper on an airplane or already at the airport.

Beach holidays in Egypt – weather in May

< img title="Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews" src="/files/egipet-v-mae-2022-pogoda-ceny-i-otzyvy-69b1ab8.jpg" alt="Egypt in May &mdash ; 2022: weather, prices and reviews" />

Somehow, while planning a trip to Egypt in early May, I thought, is it possible to swim in the sea at this time? wouldn't it be too cold? But the almighty Internet convinced me that the tourist season just begins in April-May, and Egypt at the end of May is for those who like it hotter.

  • Really: Egypt in May surprises with heat! Of course, I understood that the temperature here is an order of magnitude higher than in Moscow in the spring, but I did not expect daily marks “over +30°C”.

Such a climate makes a beach holiday as comfortable as possible: in mid-May, the water warms up to +26°C, which is a couple of degrees higher than the temperatures for a pleasant swim. At the same time, the Red Sea is not yet “tired” of tourists, so it looks clean enough to spend time on the coast. Below I will give some good hotels to ease the pangs of choice.

So, is it possible to swim in May– definitely yes! By this time, there is no longer a wind blowing from the desert, and there are solid sunny days, so you do not need to bother with choosing a windless hotel. True, the good weather and the gentle sea in Egypt in May attract families to relax with children – especially on the May holidays – so be prepared that your peace may be disturbed.

Water and air temperature in Egypt in May

  • The maximum air temperature in Egypt in May is + 36 ° C during the day, at night it can drop to + 22 ° C
  • The number of rainy days in May is 0 (!!! )
  • 29 more sunny days

The weather in Egypt in May is close to ideal. It seems to me that this particular month is optimal for a varied holiday in the country: the air temperature is kept at around +30 ° C, but at the same time you don’t want to fall into hibernation from the heat. The night brings coolness – about + 25 ° С, which you will not expect in July-August.

A few years ago I was in Egypt at the end of the summer and it was not the best experience. I had to get up around 7 am (on vacation!) and be back under the air conditioner by 12 noon to avoid getting burned and getting heatstroke. May weather is milder, while the water temperature in Egypt in May warms up to + 26 ° C, depending on the resort. It may seem cool to some, but harsh Russian tourists with balalaikas and bears, this sea temperature is usually suitable.

Average water and air temperature:

Resort Air temperature, ℃ Water temperature, ℃
at the beginning of May at the end of May
Cairo +34
Hurghada +32 +24 +26
Sharm El Sheikh +32< /td>

+24 +26
Marsa Alam +32 +25 +27

Egyptian resorts – where is the best place to relax in May?

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

< /td>

Perhaps the most popular resorts in Egypt are Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. I will also talk about other places that receive undeservedly little attention. But let's start with the classics.

1. Hurghada

Hurghada is about a calm, clear sea without living creatures and corals and wide beaches with soft sand. Plus and at the same time minus Hurghada is that it is not just a resort from the picture, but also quite a self-sufficient Egyptian city.

If you are an inquisitive traveler who wants to immerse yourself in the culture of the country and is not afraid of unsightly little things like garbage and not the most well-kept buildings, this location will suit you. But if you are very impressionable, then in the early days you may want to lock yourself up in a hotel. Outside the tourist center is dirty, and the locals do not inspire confidence. In principle, Hurghada is rich in good hotels with lots of entertainment, so staying in greenhouse conditions can also be interesting. But the city, of course, has something to see.

2. Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

But Charm is about fins, masks and coral slippers in a backpack. It is the capital of diving and snorkeling in Egypt and the world: such a wealth of underwater beauty you will find only in the local Red Sea. Plus, Sharm is the warmest (especially for winter) and the most resort place in the country, which was built specifically for tourists. Our complete guide to the resort, its beaches and the best hotels can be found here. As for prices, Sharm El Sheikh is quite budget-friendly in May, you can afford a lot of things.

3. Marsa Alam

A small resort town 270 km from Hurghada. If you want to retire on the cleanest beaches away from the hustle and bustle – you are here. Everything is “eco” here: natural sand with coral pieces lies on the beaches, the picturesque Samadai reef stretches along the coast, where you can dive with instructors. You can also go sea fishing and watch dolphins and dugongs. Nearby are several national parks where you can take excursions.

Of the minuses: an expensive destination – a weekly stay in a 5 * hotel will cost 10-15 thousand rubles more than in Sharm. There are very few of our compatriots at the resort, and the hotel staff does not speak Russian.

4. Taba

The resort is located 200 km from Sharm El Sheikh, right on the border with Israel and Saudi Arabia. In pre-pandemic times, this location was a big plus, as it was possible to go on excursions to Israel and Jordan. Not so long ago, some guides resumed tours to Petra, but somehow hesitantly and irregularly, and in my opinion, Taba became boring.

Yes, there is a very interesting relief here – a combination of mountains and the sea with picturesque lagoons and grottoes, but apart from diving and trips to the sea on yachts/boats/boats, only an excursion to the Vishwashi Canyon and the Sinai Desert, quad biking and camel riding, visiting salt cave and Saladin's castle on the island of the Pharaohs. Prices are not cheap, as Taba is considered a presentable resort. But this is the place where it is warmer in Egypt in May – the temperature is a degree or two higher than in Hurghada or Sharm.

5. Makadi Bay

A young resort 25 km from Hurghada. Well suited for lovers of beach holidays, water rides, surfing and diving (yes, there is also a coral reef). The city has a very beautiful and well-groomed embankment, which is buried in flowers, there is also a good Makadi World water park. More here, unfortunately, there is nothing to see. In addition, living here is 10–15% more expensive than in Hurghada.

Where can I buy tours to Egypt now?

It would be hard to name low prices for holidays in Egypt in May – due to high season. And this year, political nuances have also accumulated here, and here they are, the numbers are above the pain threshold …

Which airlines and from where now fly to Egypt?

For solo travellers:

✈️ Direct scheduled flightsMoscow-Cairo and Moscow-resorts entirely on Egypt Air. If you have a foreign bank card, buy tickets on their website; if not, or you need to pay in rubles, Aviasales will save you. The cost of tickets for May 2022 is from 45,000 rubles per person round-trip to Cairo, and from 57,000 rubles to the resorts.

Another option is a direct flight from Sochi to Cairo on a Sukhoi Superjet from Rossiya Airlines. It flies daily at a price of 30,000 rubles round trip.

🏨 All selection of hotels in Egyptand in general abroad now on the Russian search engine Ostrovok. Although Booking does not refuse bookings for Russians abroad, you still don’t want to be left homeless at the moment when the service decides to write off money, and the card does not work (any Russian one).

And finally, read our material about an independent trip to Egypt in order to make a route and take into account all the organizational moments.

For package tourists:

⛱️ Tours and tours are available.< /strong>But only from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russian planes really take off and return without problems (and arrests), and hotels have been waiting for tourists for a long time. So far, there are few options for flights as part of the tour: this is either a regular flight from Egypt Air to Sharm or Hurghada; or charters to resorts from Red Wings – and Boeings that have been flying back and forth since April.

All current offers from tour operators – which really take place – are collected by aggregators:

  • Travelata
  • Level.Travel
  • Onlinetours

Services show prices directly from tour operators, the average cost of a tour to Egypt in May is now 100-130 thousand rubles for 7 nights for two.

Prices for hotels of the same category at different resorts in May differ slightly, so I would advise choosing Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh based on the geographical proximity to the sights you want to visit. For example, to see the pyramids or Luxor, it is more convenient to stay in Hurghada or even plan an arrival in Cairo, and then go to bask in the resorts. If educational and historical excursions are not your thing, take a closer look at Sharm, it is more focused on tourists and the prices are a little more pleasant for the wallet.

By the way, about money.Mir cards are not accepted in Egypt (they are approved in these 9 countries), and other Russian plastic does not work at all. But with ATMs and payment terminals, Union Pay and foreign cards cope tolerably well + good old dollars are in use in the resorts, which do not even have to be exchanged for Egyptian pounds, they will be taken in any stall anyway.

List of the best hotels (Hurghada and Sharm)

< p>Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

When I went to Egypt, one of the main criteria when choosing a hotel for me was its location: preferably on the first line, while within the city, in order to be able to quickly get to the sights. I found a list of my preferences and diluted it with a few more decent hotels in the main resorts – Hurghada and Sharm.

Here are two prices: the first from the Travelata tour aggregator – for a tour in the current conditions for 7-8 days for two on an all inclusive system/the second from the Ostrovok search engine – for self-booking a hotel for the same 7-8 days for two.

First in line – Hurghada

  • 5 * Sunrise Garden Beach Resort – the hotel has its own private beach with free sun loungers and beach chairs, swimming pools, its own water park, gym and spa. Within walking distance is a good shopping center for Egypt and a park with sand miniatures of the country's attractions. There are several restaurants on the territory of the hotel, the food is acceptable, but not very diverse.
    Price: from 175,000 rubles for a tour/from 85,000 rubles for a hotel
  • 5* Dana Beach Resort is a hotel near a coral reef, renovated in 2020, on the territory of 5 outdoor pools with and without heating and 1 indoor with warm water for the coldest. Every day there is a new animation for adults and a good entertainment program for children.
    Price: from 135,000 rubles for a tour/from 60,000 rubles for a hotel < /li>
  • 4* Sindbad Club – not on the first line, but across the road from the sandy beach. During the day there are 9 swimming pools (one of them is heated), for children there are slides and a mini-aqua park. In the evenings – live music, disco and animation. Tourists praise for cleanliness, tasty and varied food.
    Price: from 115,000 rubles per tour/from 40,000 rubles per hotel
  • 4* Mercure – in addition to the main all-inclusive restaurant, there are several bars, a hookah bar, a cafe by appointment (Mediterranean, Asian cuisine, seafood). The food is tasty, and the drinks are not diluted with water. There are only 2 pools, but a huge private beach with sand.
    Price: from 160,000 rubles for a tour/from 40,000 rubles for a hotel

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

  • 5* Fun&Sun Active Tropitel Waves – the hotel is located in the city, so there are restaurants, shops, pharmacies and shopping center. The hotel has a private sandy beach, a swimming pool and its own water park. There is a spa and gym, and transfers can be arranged for an additional charge. The food is varied: there are 3 restaurants on the territory with Russian, Italian and local cuisine, a decent buffet.
    Price: from 135,000 rubles per tour/from 40,000 rubles per hotel
  • 5* Domina Coral Bay Bellavista is a hotel with a huge green area, which includes several hotels of the Domina chain. There are also own greenhouses, so vegetables and fruits are brought to the table directly from the garden. Nearby is a good reef (entrance from the pontoon) and a street with souvenir shops for shopping promenades.
    Price: from 120,000 rubles per tour/from 40,000 rubles hotel
  • 4 * Pickalbatros Aqua Blu Resort – on its own territory 12 pools (!) + you can visit the brand new water park next door. The rooms are small, but cozy, they clean well and, of course, twist figures from towels. The restaurants are tasty and varied, a good selection of fresh seafood and fish.
    Price: from 120,000 rubles per tour/from 45,000 rubles for a hotel < /li>
  • 4 * Charmillion Sea Life Resort – a hotel with its own huge, but rocky beach. Plus – reef and fish at hand, minus – not a step without coral. On the territory, in addition to the main one, seafood restaurants, Lebanese, French and Japanese cuisine restaurants work by appointment, there is a 24-hour bar. rubles per hotel

Sights in Egypt – what to do in May?

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

< /td>

Since May is the high season in Egypt, all kinds of water activities become available: yachting of different durations, diving, snorkeling and parasailing.

But first, I’ll tell you about the entertainment “ashore”. In HurghadaI advise you to make the first sortie to the center: most of the sights are concentrated there. You can go to the Central Mosque, an unusual Coptic church, look at the architecture of administrative buildings and be sure to walk through the Central Fruit Market. Another nice point is the Marina embankment – a very well-groomed boulevard with good cafes and restaurants, beautiful lighting and live music in the evenings. And I advise you to get to the aquarium with an underwater tunnel – it is very interesting there.

There is also something to do in Sharm el-Sheikh: modern Soho Square with shopping centers and fountains, the old market as in the classic description of the oriental bazaar, dolphinarium, theme parks and many more leisure options.

The best excursions in Egypt

With regards to field trips: the main thing is not to settle for a “tasty” price and dubious offers. Remember, safety is above all. It’s better to see what to do in Egypt in May online before preparing for the trip and plan everything in advance. On the largest sites for excursions in Russian abroad:

  • Sputnik8
  • Tripster

…there is also a whole range of entertainment in Egypt, and numerous reviews of tourists who have been on excursions, and – which is also important – payment by Russian card is available.

Here are the top destinations and well-reviewed tours:

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

🚌 Nile cruise. There are several travel options – from a 2-hour dinner (mainly starting from Cairo) to belly dancing and tanoura to a 7-day trip (not everyone is ready to devote so much time on vacation), when you can immerse yourself in history and mythology. Depending on the duration of the route may vary, you need to specify additionally. And don't forget to grab a strategic supply of seasickness pills!

Price: from $50 for an evening cruise in Cairo, from $320 for a full 4-day tour from Hurghada.

But there is also a more realistic option to walk along the Nile – literally for 30-60 minutes. For an additional fee of $12–$15, it is included in any excursion to Cairo to the pyramids or to Luxor ↓

🚌 A trip from the resorts to Cairo and the pyramids.Going to Egypt and not kissing the Sphinx for a photo is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. To see the lion with the face of Pharaoh Khafre and the ancient pyramid tombs, you need to go to Cairo, where buses (cheap) and planes (fast) fly from all over the country. For a complete immersion in the life and culture of the ancient Egyptians, the tour, in addition to the capital and the pyramids, includes a visit to the Egyptian Museum. From Sharm, the tour is more expensive, since it takes longer to get there than from Hurghada.

Cost: from $40–$60 for a group by bus, from $180 for an individual by car

< p>🚌 Sea excursions.It would not be an exaggeration to say that the underwater world is an Egyptian force, any experienced diver will confirm this. The best reefs in the world are concentrated in Sharm el-Sheikh, and there is something to see in Hurghada. Snorkeling and diving are offered at every step, those who do not dive can go sea fishing, just sunbathe on a yacht or look at bright algae, anemones, schools of tropical fish and the remains of sunken ships through the window of a submarine.

Price: from $25–$40
Interesting options:

  • Yacht, island and snorkeling near the reef from Hurghada
  • Bathyscaphe with panoramic windows is a super option for everyone who children, or who wants to look at the underwater world, but is afraid
  • Diving and snorkeling in one of the best places in Sharm

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

< /p>

🚌 Mount Sinai from Sharm El Sheikh.But towards the dawn on the top of the mountain, which is mentioned in the Bible, it is better to go from Sharm. Departure at night to be in time for the first rays of the sun. On the way you will meet the monastery of St. Catherine and the church of the VI century. The trip is harder than it looks: in addition to the night crossing, you need to climb 750 steps almost sheer, be prepared.

Price: from $35 for a dawn climb

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

 Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

🚌 Desert Safari.Excursion in the opposite direction from the sea, moderately extreme and with magical views of the desert. The standard set includes quad biking, a dune buggy ride, and, if desired, a trip to the Bedouin village to get acquainted with the traditions, tasting local food, tea, hookah and watching a bright oriental show. In just a few hours, it seems that a little life has passed.

Cost: from $17 for a group safari, from $30 for an individual safari

Egypt review in May – should I go?

Egypt in May — 2022: weather, prices and reviews

My review of Egypt in May is definitely positive: I liked everything. The weather was excellent, no excursion was interrupted by a sudden storm. Perhaps there were too many people, but I would not say that this caused particular inconvenience. The hotels were already in their optimal condition, there were enough staff.

After a difficult start to 2022, the most delicious fruits that the country is rich in at the beginning of May help to restore spiritual balance. These are peaches, bananas, citrus fruits, strawberries, melons, watermelons, which are much cheaper than anywhere else in Russia at this time.

Tourist reviews about Egypt in May are also generally positive. If they complain, then mostly on hotels (which is not related to the time of year). Of the climatic complaints, someone seemed to have cool water in the sea, someone complained that not all water parks were open yet. They also complain about prices in Egypt in May, but this is the height of the tourist season, you need to be mentally prepared for this, but it’s better to book your trip well in advance.

Summing up, I will say that if they ask me whether it is worth going to Egypt in May, I will answer “Yes!”.


+ comfortable air and water temperature
+ at least you CAN FLIGHT to Egypt – from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi
+ a lot of cheap fresh fruits
+ a wide selection of excursions
+ a variety of activities in and out of hotels


– vacationing in Egypt in May is not cheap
– still need a PCR test or certificate
– greatly reduced number of flights from Russia, which affects prices
– too many tourists

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