Travelers wanted to help an animal

Baby elephant attacked tourists in South Africa

Baby elephant attacked tourists in South Africa

An unusual event occurred in the Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa.

It is located in the Eastern Cape near the ocean coast and the city of Port Elizabeth. The park was created in 1931 in that part of the savannah, where there are especially many animals. Today, the park is home to about 600 elephants and over 200,000 birds.

An elderly couple of wealthy tourists traveled through the park on safari jeeps, enjoying the views of nature and animals. In one of the places next to the road, they found a baby elephant, which was drowning in a pit of mud. The poor fellow could not get out.

Tourists decided to help the baby. Together with the guide, they tied him with a rope and began to drag him outside. Around all this time, an elephant mother stood, closely following the course of events.

When the elephant was pulled out of the mud, instead of gratitude, he attacked the tourists. The elephant also showed aggression. The travelers were forced to flee in a jeep.

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