The pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have shaken the global tourism market

Expensive or not. Russians warned about the end of the era of cheap tourism

Expensive or no way. Russians warned of the end of the era of cheap tourism

travel that previously seemed the norm. The Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) warns about this.

In recent decades, backpacking (from the English backpack, backpack) has been actively developing in the world. This is a form of tourism when the traveler buys air tickets and hotels on his own, refuses travel agencies on principle and explores this or that country on his own with a backpack on his shoulders.

This trend was facilitated by low-cost airlines that sold tickets at extremely low prices, booking services for inexpensive hotels and hostels, Internet resources with a list of budget cafes, as well as open borders of many countries. Backpacking was especially popular with young people.

However, the coronavirus pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine have led to a restructuring of the global tourism market. Oil, and hence aviation fuel, soared in price, which caused ticket prices to rise, and low-cost airlines were on the verge of bankruptcy.

Rising prices for other energy sources (gas, electricity, heating) hit hotels and cafes, which are also forced to raise prices. Now it is almost impossible to have a rest inexpensively and at the same time qualitatively.

For details and photos, see Yandex.Zen

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