The height of the mountains reached 1200 meters

Experienced tourists lost in the fog

Experienced tourists lost in the fog

Rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia had to rescue experienced tourists from trouble, who literally got lost in the fog.

Two men considered themselves seasoned travelers and went on a hiking trip to the Khibiny – large mountain range on the Kola Peninsula. The height of the mountains here reaches 1200 meters (the top of Yudychvumchorr).

The Khibiny has amazing nature: mountain rivers and lakes, rocks and plateaus. When the tourists were walking along one of the stone plains, fog suddenly fell on it. The men found themselves among the stone desert without any landmarks. In addition, one of them hurt his knee, tripping over the stones.

Fortunately, they had access to communications and were able to call rescuers from the city of Kirovsk. For several hours they were looking for tourists in the Akademicheskoe Lake area.

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