Many Russians now go not to the sea, but to the mountains

Explosive tourism growth in the North Caucasus. Two most popular regions named

Explosive growth of tourism in the North Caucasus. Named the two most popular regions Russians to the North Caucasus this year.

Since March 2022, due to the conflict in Ukraine and sanctions, citizens of the Russian Federation have lost the opportunity to relax in Europe and other foreign countries with the same ease. In return, many rushed to the Russian coast of the Black Sea.

View of Kislovodsk

Others decided not to go to the sea, but to the mountains. According to ATOR, 4 times more guests came to the North Caucasus this summer than a year earlier. Many of them bought ready-made tours from travel agencies in advance.

The biggest increase was in the influx of tourists to Dagestan (+35%) and to the Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region in the Stavropol Territory (+33%).

< p>Among the reasons for the popularity of these areas is the abundance of direct flights and low prices for vacations. For example, a five-day tour to Dagestan for two costs an average of 45,000 rubles.

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