Velassaru, one of the most romantic resorts in Maldives, presents a unique New Year program

Fabulous New Year holidays in Velassaru

Fabulous New Year holidays in Velassaru

Velassaru, one of the most romantic resorts in the Maldives, presents a unique New Year's program that will be a real surprise for connoisseurs of magical holidays! Let's start preparing early!

This secluded world of tropical beauty in the heart of the Indian Ocean will be the best place to meet in 2023. The entertainment program is carefully thought out by the resort team: during the winter holidays, the wishes of guests of any age and the interests of everyone were taken into account. These days you can spend time with your family, dance to the incendiary mixes of  DJs, taste masterpieces of culinary art and selected wines during tastings, become a participant in — Velassaru Maldives offers the best holiday options these days!

The festive events will start on December 20 with an active program for lovers of snorkeling and active water sports such as parasailing. Sports events will be held for guests on the island and a volleyball game will open them. For the youngest guests, a master class on cooking pizza was prepared. The evening will start with an exciting cocktail with the hotel team and various drinks, and the band will continue with live performances.

Every day before the New Year is filled with an exciting program. All days in Velassaru Maldives there is an atmosphere of joy and celebration: traditional festive treats from all over the world accompanied by live performances of musicians, cozy feasts in the exquisite atmosphere of the resort's restaurants, watching the best New Year's films under the starry sky, all guests will become participants in an amazing gastronomic program: the best dishes of an unsurpassed chef -chefs will be a great Christmas gift.

All young guests of the resort are waiting for the main fairy-tale character Santa Claus. Sweet treats, festive chants and unexpected surprises! Children will be delighted to meet a northerner in the sunniest place in the world!

The celebration will culminate on December 31st, when guests can attend a gala dinner. The cheerful mood of the musicians and live melodies will create a joyful holiday atmosphere. Freshly prepared delicacies, gastronomic delights from around the world, aged wine and cool champagne, it seems that this is the only way to meet the next year! Bright lights, amazing music, impeccable treats and, of course, the magic that the Velassaru resort will give to its guests!

The program is designed for all holidays, until January 6th. Seeing off the outgoing year and meeting the new one will become the most fabulous and magical days! And we all know that how you will celebrate the New Year – that's how you do it!

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