Holidays in Bali have become super-elite

A fabulous price tag. The cost of a holiday in Bali for Russians has been named

A fabulous price tag. Named the cost of holidays in Bali for the Russians in Bali for Russians in the coming months.

ATOR experts believe that in late autumn and early winter, this particular island in Indonesia is an ideal vacation destination. Here you can carelessly enjoy the warm sea and snow-white beaches away from Russian affairs.

This destination is traditionally included in the TOP-5 among tourists from Russia. But earlier, a fairly wide range of Russians could afford a vacation in Bali. The phrase of the model Natalya Knyaginina, the ex-wife of Stas Piekha, who, following the results of the vacation, spoke about & nbsp; "fabulous Bali".

However, now the situation has changed. Holidays in Bali have become super-elite. For the whole of 2022, Russians did not buy a single tour from one of the tour operators to hotels below the four-star level. One air ticket to the island costs 80-100 thousand rubles per person.

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