The whole journey should take 5-7 years

Travel around the world. The 27-year-old actor from Moscow set out on foot around the world

Go around the world. 27-year-old actor from Moscow went on foot around the world

Dmitry Lazarev from Moscow went on foot travel around the world.

A 27-year-old guy studied at VGIK as an actor, then he organized events. This was not enough for the restless young man, and he decided to go around the world. Strange as it may seem, family and friends supported him.

Dmitry did not go on his way at random, but prepared in advance. According to him, he carefully thought out the route for 3 years. The whole journey should take 5-7 years.

The young man set out from the capital in September. So far, he has passed the south of the Moscow region (Podolsk, Chekhov) and reached Tula. He plans to stay there for 3 days and go on to Kursk.

He only has the essentials with him: a backpack with a sleeping bag, a tent, a change of clothes, documents and medicines. On average, Dmitry walks 25-35 km a day.

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