On May 21, the State Museum of Oriental Art will host the annual event Night of Museums 2022

Odnono group at the Oriental Museum

Odnono group at the Oriental Museum

On May 21, the State Museum of Oriental Art will host the annual event “Night of Museums 2022”. As part of the action, the Odnono group will perform in the museum with the program “Invisible Worlds of Rumi”.

Music of the Odnono band — it is a revelation born in a stream. The band members invite the listener to take an introspective journey to know themselves and the universe.  Musicians deftly experiment, joining the wisdom of centuries and modern sound. Creating bright music, devoid of cynicism, selfishness and rudeness, Odnono effectively stand out against the background of modern artists.

“Invisible Worlds of Rumi” — is an experimental project of deep indie members of the Odnono group, combining the poetry of Jalalladin Rumi, electronics and the sound of traditional wind instruments. 

The invisible worlds of Rumi — these are:

6 fragments from the legacy of the Sufi philosopher Rumi

6 character traits of the holy dervish

6 wind instruments from the dawn of the Sufi tradition of the 11th-12th centuries.

Alexey Myshkin, Odnono frontman:

“The verses of the Sufis are covered with a veil of secrecy, full of allegories and attractive power.  I have long dreamed of making a separate musical program dedicated to the Sufi heritage, and, in particular, the works of the legendary Rumi. Finally, having enlisted the support of flutist Odnono Pravin, who subtly feels the mystical culture of the dervishes, I decided to share what has matured in me over the years. Pravin, with the help of ancient instruments typical for the dawn of the Sufi tradition of the XI-XII centuries, will create a thick, viscous atmosphere of the inner world of the great sages, and I will read the poems of the great Rumi in a unique, in my opinion, translation, which subtly conveys the mood of the Master. Each theme – and there are six of them in the program – will correspond to a specific wind instrument: ney, duduk, bansuri, Turkish clarinet, etc.

At this concert, we will try to abstract ourselves from the noise of the metropolis, entering the waters of eternal time , and speak the universal language of the heart, trying to see the invisible world through the eyes of the soul.

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