September 29 at the museum-estate “Ostafyevo” – “Russian Parnassus” will be held a children's party “Warming the Little Squirrel Guidosha”. Date: September 29, 14:00 Venue: Moscow, Troitskaya street, 1A.

The holiday «Housewarming of little squirrel Gvidoshi in Ostafiev»

Holiday “Housewarming Squirrel Gvidosha in Ostafievo”

In July, the Museum-Estate «Ostafyevo» announced the All-Russian competition among schoolchildren and preschoolers for the best drawing-sketch for the little squirrel's house. In total, 72 applications from all regions of Russia were sent to the competition, and on August 15 the jury of the museum chose the winner. They became a first-grader from Podolsk Gleb Ignashkin.

The holiday «Housewarming of little squirrel Gvidoshi in Ostafiev»

The work of Gleb Ignashkin

– I like to walk in Ostafyevo and feed squirrels, I work in a children's carpentry workshop and already know how to work with wood, so I gladly took part in the competition, — Gleb Ignashkin.
According to the selected sketch, the museum staff developed a project and built a real house. 

On September 29, a housewarming party will take place, in which the winner of the contest and his friends will take part. The guys will install the house, will be able to paint its individual elements with their own hands, and will also fill the house-feeder with nuts and seeds for squirrels.

During the holiday, there will be an excursion-quest where participants will learn about the mysteries of the old house, a performance by a children's ballet school and a ballet master class for everyone, as well as a tea party by the holiday-themed samovar.
– a camera that will work in real time. All works sent to the competition will be presented at the online exhibition on the museum's website.

The holiday «Housewarming of little squirrel Gvidoshi in Ostafiev»

14:00-14:05 — Grand opening of the holiday. Opening remarks by the director of the museum-estate “Ostafyevo” Yuri Evtyukhin. Awarding the winner;
14:05-14:15 — House installation. Painting of individual elements of the house by the winner. Distribution of memorable souvenirs, balls and food for squirrels to participants;
14:15-14:25 — Group photo;
14:25-15:00 — Excursion-quest “Mysteries of the old house”
15:00-15:30 — Ballet studio performance and master class;
15:30-16:00 — Tea drinking at the samovar.

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Museum-estate «Ostafyevo»—«Russian Parnassus» — a monument of noble culture on the territory of new Moscow. In Ostafievo there is a beautiful palace — a unique example of Russian manor architecture of the 18th-19th centuries — and an old park with a large pond. The history of the estate dates back to the 17th century, since the 18th century it belonged to the family of the princes Vyazemsky, and then the Sheremetevs. In 1804-1816 he lived here and worked on the “History of the Russian State” Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin. Alexander Pushkin came here three times, to whom & nbsp; Ostafyevo owes its second name “Russian Parnassus”. Currently, the museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions, lectures, conferences, excursions, master classes, quests, concerts.

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