How to rent a house in Turkey? Apartments, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

I am in Antalya. And the talk here is only about housing. Gotta find something for tomorrow! Where to rent an apartment? Do you have contact information for a realtor? What kind of site is this, with the letter C, where are they looking for housing?

We ourselves rent for a short time, and the issue of a residence permit was postponed until the spring. But many of my friends-acquaintances have decided to settle in Turkey and are now going through the processes of obtaining an ikamet and finding a suitable apartment, which are terrible only in words. I have collected them and my own experience in a large applied instruction on the main topic of this season – how to rent a house in Turkey in 2022.

How long can you stay in Turkey without a visa?

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How to rent a house in Turkey? Flats, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

At the very beginning, I will answer the question: how long can you stay in Turkey without a visa? Insignificant for most of us a year ago – who cares about the length of your stay if you are here as a package tour? .. – today it requires a clear answer.

  • Citizens of Russia can legally stay in Turkey without a visa for no more than 90 days in 180 days.

Here's something else to consider.
After you are CONTINUOUSLY spent 60 days in Turkey, you definitely need to travel to another country in order to “activate” the next 30 days. By plane, the cheapest way to get to visa-free Northern Cyprus (however, there are risks to get problems with the future Schengen), Bosnia, Georgia. Look at tickets from Turkey to Aviasales.

If over the past six months you have already visited the country, then the rule works like this: live 60 days, leave and subtract the duration of the previous trip (or trips) from the prescribed 30 days. Example: a person arrived in October with luggage in the form of a July 10-day trip – which means that he has the right to spend 60 days without going out, leave and return for 20 days already.

What happens if you violate 90 days (or not to leave after the 60th day)?
Penalty* to be paid at the airport before departure. It turns out inexpensively, about 20 lire for each day of overstay. An entry ban is a very rare occurrence. There is much more leniency towards Russians, including in terms of fines, than towards citizens of other CIS countries.

*exception – if you managed to apply for a residence permit (even for 59 days)

< p>How to count 90/180 correctly?
You need to count back 180 days from the date of your current entry. My example: I flew to Turkey on October 1, but spent 1.5 months here in April-May. I minus half a year from October 1 – I get it on April 1. I count how many days I was in Turkey from April 1 to a fresh stamp – I get 45 days. Accordingly, having entered on October 1, I can stay in Turkey for no more than 45 days, that is, until November 15.

A delay in the country for more than 3 months requires legalization. So plans to rent a house in Turkey for a long time always go hand in hand with obtaining a local residence permit (hereinafter referred to as a residence permit).

How much does it cost to rent a house in Turkey?

How to rent a house in Turkey? Apartments, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

How to rent a house in Turkey? Flats, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

Short term.
Hotels, hostels, guest houses, airbnb – all this is in the short-term rental basket. It should get cheaper by the end of the season, but this year “something broke” and the prices are not going down.

Turkish house prices – 2022:

Antalya Istanbul Outskirts Center Istanbul
3 star hotel from €45 from €30 from €40
All-inclusive hotel from €100
Unrated hotel from €25 from €20 from €30
Apartment for rent from €30 from €30 from €50
Apartment for a month from €800 from €1000 from €1300

Both Antalya and Istanbul are full of inexpensive (relative to the general pricing policy) starless hotels. Often they have a great location – in the center or not far from the sea – but the “stuffing” is unpretentious, thanks that at least it's clean and the bed does not creak.

Of these, tested on our experience, I can recommend in Antalya – Gunduz Otel, Akcahan Hotel, Behram Otel; in Istanbul – Cheers Midtown.

Renting villas in Turkey is more common in the resorts of the Aegean Sea – there are hilly areas and more picturesque views. Fethiye and Kas (they are still on the Mediterranean coast), Kusadasi, Bodrum, Marmaris for the amount of € 70 per day and indefinitely will give you amazing sunrises and sunsets overlooking the sea on the balcony of a classy house.

How to rent a house in Turkey? Flats, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

As a rule, in this case we are talking about apartments. Turkey has its own classification of “odnushki”, “kopeck pieces”, “studios”. Apartments are indicated by a set of numbers – 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 0+1. The first is responsible for the number of bedrooms, the second – for the number of living rooms. The kitchen can be a separate room or a corner in the living room.

The southern coast of Turkey is remarkable for its numerous residential complexes with a closed territory, where there will be a hammam, swimming pools, a gym, game rooms, and, if you're lucky, a tennis court. Istanbul is beautiful for its size and the presence of all the attributes of a modern and well-fed life.

How much is it really for a long time to rent a house in Turkey – prices in 2022:

  • 1+1 — €700–€900, on the outskirts can be found for €500–€600
  • 2+1 — €900–€1200, minimum €700
  • 3+1 —€1000 –€1500

I indicate the average range for an apartment in southern Turkey when concluding an annual contract with monthly payment. The first mark is for an ordinary house 20-30 minutes from the sea and without a gym, swimming pools, security; the second – behind the house at a higher level and closer to the sea. Always bargain, there is one lucky person among my friends who managed to find a perfectly furnished 2+1 for €550 (but this is a big, big exception).

  • Plus, don't forget about utility bills – that too deducted from your pocket.

Now the cost of renting property in Turkey is amazing. And I'm not sure if it will go down. All because of the hype – in particularly attractive areas (for example, Lara in Antalya) there are simply not enough apartments. Many options were occupied in the spring during the first wave of emigration.

I will briefly outline the situation over the past year at popular resorts. In April, we rented an apartment 1 + 1 for a month in Turkey near the sea in Alanya for 600 euros. It was extremely overpriced, the neighbors on the floor looked at us sympathetically – they knew that two months earlier such apartments cost 300 euros. And in October €600 turned into €900-€1000 per month. It wasn't that expensive, was it?..

Where to look for housing in Turkey for a short term – up to 1-3 months?

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How to rent accommodation in Turkey? Apartments, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

How to rent a house in Turkey? Apartments, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

In order to rent accommodation in Turkey by hotel type , hostels, hotels,now it is more reliable to use Russian services — they accept payments with Russian bank cards:

  • Island
  • Yandex.Travel
  • Hotelluk

Book in advance, arrive, check in and calmly start looking for an apartment for a residence permit or for a vacation – it depends on your goals, in the end 🙂

Sites where you can rent an apartment in Turkey are limited to the above three + these two:

  • is a very popular service for renting private housing in Russia, but just entering the foreign market, and therefore there are few options here (about 50 options in Alanya, a dozen in Antalya)
  • Airbnb – you can find an apartment in any corner of Turkey, but it is impossible to pay with either a Russian card or a Turkish one (!!!); but you can dodge and in PM agree to pay in cash on the spot and hope for the honesty and responsibility of the owner

There is also such a Turkish site – Sahibinden – I will tell you more about it below. Still, this is more of a tool for semi-annual or annual rent, but there is an unobvious advantage for “short-term” clients.

Where can I rent an apartment in Turkey for a long term?

How to rent a house in Turkey? Flats, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

For a long time = with obtaining a tourist residence permit by renting an apartment.

First of all.
Before embarking on a search and studying sites where you can rent a house in Turkey, a potential applicant for a residence permit MUST go to one specific page on the website of the Turkish department – — download the ixel file and don’t resist creating new neural connections in your head from incomprehensible names.

What to look for there?..
This is a list of provinces, districts and districts that are CLOSED for residence permit There are quite a lot of them, but despite almost 1200 lines in the file, there are many more open places, don't worry.

For example, in the province of Mugla, in the district of Fethiye, you cannot get a residence permit in Oludeniz. But you can in the city of Fethiye (and it is rather big). In Alanya, which belongs to Antalya, there is a ban on the areas of Kargicak, Mahmutlar, Kestel, Avsallar. These are all beach villages. And Alanya itself continues to receive tourists who want to stay for a year or two.

Speaking of Avsallar, back in April, a residence permit was issued here. And they closed it in July. This generally shows the movement of policy towards foreigners – when the number of emigrants goes off scale, the district stops issuing residence permits.

How to rent a house in Turkey for a long time?
You can contact a realtor at a real estate agency. You don’t even have to use a Google translator, a realtor is one of the most popular professions among citizens of the CIS countries who have received a work permit here (which is difficult). Look for agencies on the spot, ask for recommendations in chats, from friends. Surely, after March-September 2022, someone around you changed his place of residence to Turkey.

You can adopt the experience of searching for housing in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Bali) and walk around the desired (and open for residence!) area and look out for balconies with yellow KIRALIK banners. This means that the apartment is for rent.

And if you want to find housing without intermediaries in Turkey, these sites will help you:

  • is number one, to others you don't have to go in

Yes, at first, at the sight of the interface, the brain will refuse to indulge in this Turkish jungle. But browsers, as a rule, have a built-in page translator – turn it on, and familiar letters appear.

The difficulties do not end there. Success on Sahibinden= your time + a clear formulation of your requests + initiative + willingness to sacrifice some of the requests. Use filters (from the specifics in the area to the one who rents the apartment), contact all the ads you like (preferably in Turkish), immediately write about the need for a residence permit. According to reviews, there are enough dummy ads on the site or that they forgot to remove after the transaction, so out of 20–30 messages on WhatsApp, the answer will arrive at 5–7, and 2–3 will turn into views. Here is a sample statistic. If we thought about a residence permit, I would choose an independent search without intermediaries on Sahibinden.

By the way, here you can find an apartment for 1-3 months. In areas that are closed for registration of residence permits, there is a whole expanse of options.

Be prepared …
to the fact that it is unlikely that you will be able to fly to Turkey and pack your bags in a cool apartment in a couple of days. Now there is a funny saying among emigrants from Russia: “I want a beautiful apartment by the sea” is gradually changing to “I want an apartment”, and then to “I want at least some apartment!!!”.

Even with a realtor, you you can run into dead bedbugs, for which they demand 800 euros per month; to apartments with fake photos; to the “those” options, which subsequently turn out to have big problems with documents. For group viewings of ten people, where the winner is the one who pays the most (or is ready to pay immediately a year in advance), for changing shoes at the time of signing the contract – “I want 1600 euros instead of 800.”

But in the end … in the end, ✨you will succeed✨ and you will exhale. But you will immediately tense up, because the next stage is coming – obtaining a residence permit in Turkey.

Rent a house in Turkey for a residence permit

How to rent a house in Turkey? Flats, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

In fact, obtaining a Turkish residence permit by rent is one of the easiest in the world. In 2022, that's right.

It doesn't even require outside help. You just need to find and rent a house in Turkey for six months or a year, while not missing the area (which was discussed above), fill out a form on the website, select the date for submitting the rendezvous documents, collect and submit documents and wait for the result.< /p>

After you have concluded an agreement with the owner and certified it by a notary (150–300 lira), we take on the paperwork required for residence permit.

What documents to bring with you to the rendezvous:

  • long-term lease agreement
  • copy of the ownership of the apartment (this is called “tapu”)
  • insurance for the entire lease term (“sigorta”, can be obtained at the nearest office, and enter in Googlemap)
  • 4 photos
  • passport and its copy
  • Turkish Inn (
  • printout of a completed application for a residence permit (
  • receipt of payment of the state duty for a residence permit (600 lira, paid locally at the tax office)

As you can see, there are no rare documents on the list that you could leave at home, and there are no apostille requirements. Everything is extremely simple.

There is such a possibility that at the rendezvous they will be asked to bring additional information. For example, an extract from your Turkish bank account. In general, opening an account is one of the first gestures that you need to make in Turkey if you have planned a move. We have detailed instructions on how to open an account in a Turkish bank without a residence permit – which banks issue cards now and under what conditions.

If the residence permit is approved, in 10-15 days you will receive a plastic card “ikamet”. Looks like a Russian driver's license. Since a residence permit for rent is considered a tourist residence, you do not have the right to work in Turkey. But they are not required to pay taxes either 🙂 It is interesting that, as with the overstay fine, the state duty for a residence permit is one of the lowest for Russians.

Our article about issuing a bank card in Turkey has collected 700+ comments and has become such a kind of mini-forum where people share their experiences – which is very helpful for new readers. I will be happy to read (and publish) your stories of renting apartments/rooms/houses in Turkey – let's help each other.

Where is it cheaper to rent a house in Turkey? Our experience

How to rent a house in Turkey? Flats, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

How to rent a house in Turkey? Apartments, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

On the one hand, prices are depressing – since when has Turkey been approaching European cities in terms of rental prices? ..

But on the other hand, if you go inland, to cities where it is cheaper to rent a house in Turkey — to small provincial centers like Konya, Isparta, Denizli — you can easily find diamonds there for €200–€300 per month. But for many, the decision in favor of such a scenario stumbles over infrastructure and the importance of a Russian-speaking environment and the sea nearby.

The size and development of the place also sets the tone for housing prices in Turkey: renting a property in Antalya will be cheaper than in Istanbul. In Alanya – cheaper than in Antalya. In Avsallar (in a resort village dying out for the winter) – cheaper than in Alanya.

  • A separate type of housing that will save those who urgently leave, having lost their jobs and not yet having prospects for remote earnings , these are the so-called “toki”. Or social housing. They are often suitable for residence.

Usually this is a two- or three-story house in a field by the road or in small villages far from large cities, where apartments are rented by today's standards for next to nothing – for € 100–€200 per month.

How much money do you need to live in Turkey?

How to rent a house in Turkey? Apartments, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

Complex issue. Absolutely, the main expense is housing. Further according to needs. I will answer with my own example: we have been living in Turkey for a month, we are not going to stay for a long time, so we don’t really hit everyday life.

A typical day of us, two people, consists of:

  • Breakfast and dinner at home = 0 TL
  • Lunch in a cafe = 200 TL
  • Compulsory coffee in a coffee shop and optional dessert = 100 TL
  • Travel by bus back and forth to the coffee shop = 32 lira
  • Pair of transfers on one scooter (convenient) = 30 lira
  • Purchase in the store every 2 days = 150 lira
  • >

On a normal day, 360 lira ($20, 1250 rubles) comes out, on the day of the purchase – 510 lira ($30, 1750 rubles). We count on 30 days and get 13,000 lira ($700, 45,000 rubles).

How to rent a house in Turkey? Flats, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

How to rent a house in Turkey? Apartments, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

An example of a food basket for 350 lira ($19, 1200 rubles). Imagine that we are cooking pasta with chicken and mushrooms, and baking pancakes for tea:

  • Chicken fillet, 1 kg – 80 lire
  • Pack of Barilla pasta – 16 lire
  • li>

  • Butter, 250 gr – 50 lire
  • Sunflower oil, 1 liter – 50 lire
  • Cream box, 200 ml – 15 lire
  • Champignons, 400 gr – 22 lira
  • Black tea, 200 gr – 20 lira
  • Flour, 1kg – 18 lire
  • Eggs, 10 pcs – 40 lire
  • Sugar, 1kg – 28 lire
  • Water, 5 l – 8 lira

I met interesting discussions: how much does it cost to furnish an empty apartment in Turkey? The participants in the conversation agreed on an amount of 30,000 liras and more 🙂

What to consider when renting an apartment in Turkey for a long time?

How to rent a house in Turkey? Flats, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

How to rent a house in Turkey? Flats, hotels and apartments: our short and long term experience — 2022

1. It is quite possible to rent a house in Turkey from the owner on your own, there is a sahibinden website for this, your time and willingness to communicate and negotiate in Turkish or at least in English

2. When concluding a rental agreement, be sure to check in the tapu (certificate of ownership) that the address of the apartment matches where you are going to rent, and that the name of the owner and his passport data are listed in the tapu.

3. Previously, it was possible to pay for an apartment in lira, now, due to the rapid depreciation of the national currency, in euros or dollars.

4. Due to the super popularity of the Turkish housing stock, some owners of the “golden” boxes dictate their unpleasant conditions: payment immediately for a year in advance, period. Disagree, this only fuels and perpetuates the trend. Conditions are considered normal when you pay rent for 3 months + deposit for 1 month and + commission to the agent (if you used his services).

5. Make sure that the rental agreement stipulates a mandatory return of money if you are denied a residence permit! Translate for yourself every line in the contract, there should not be anything superfluous.

6. I do not advise you to rent an apartment on the ground floor, specify what is for heating (so as not to drive the air conditioner in winter).

That's all for now. Leave comments, ask questions!

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