Women and children had to separate the fighting men

Skiers got into a fight in Krasnaya Polyana because of the queue for the lift

Skiers in Krasnaya Polyana got into a fight because of the queue for the lift

There are not enough places in the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort near Sochi lifts for everyone. Due to the influx of tourists, large queues formed in front of the cable car and on the slopes.

TV channel "360" reports that on the afternoon of January 3, passions so heated up that a mass brawl ensued in the queue. That day on the ski slope “Black Pyramid” Not all lifts were working, which caused skiers to wait 40-50 minutes to get on the slope.

One of the tourists tried to bypass the queue, which infuriated everyone else who was waiting. They attacked the man. The fighting had to be separated by women and children.

The resort management has already given the first explanations. According to them, the reason for the emergency is a lack of snow due to warm weather.

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