Internova Pays Tribute to Agents on Global Travel Advisor Day

A circle of people joining hands.(photo via iStock/Getty Images E+/pixelfit)

Internova Travel Group is paying tribute to the more than 70,000 travel advisors in its portfolio of brands with a full-page ad in The New York Times on May 4, Global Travel Advisor Day.

In addition to thanking advisors for all they do, the ad underscores the pivotal role they play in travel planning.

“Our incredible advisors have thrived despite a tremendous amount of change over the past two years, and this is my way of saying thank you,” said Internova Travel Group CEO J.D. O’Hara.

“In a time of great disruption, our advisors demonstrated the importance of a human connection, providing the personal service that no online booking tool could ever match.

“Our advisors have prepared us for what I believe will be the best year that travel has ever seen, and I am grateful to them and remain committed to supporting their work.”

He added, “All of us at Internova are united in one common belief: humans do it better.

“When it comes to travel, booking sites are programmed to do only one thing: sell. Our company fundamentally believes in a human’s superior ability to plan, book and manage travel.

“That’s why today, and every day, we celebrate how humans are the way we connect the world to the joy of travel.”

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