Resort guests seem to seek death in the waves

Kamikaze tourists. Vacationers in Sochi are increasingly experiencing fate in a storm

< i>Tourists-kamikaze. Vacationers in Sochi are increasingly trying their luck in a storm

Sochi authorities complain that tourists more and more often they ignore the warnings of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and weather forecasters about weather danger and go to the sea in a storm and a hurricane.

On the night of October 3, a powerful four-point storm hit Sochi. Wind gusts reached 15-20 m per second (54-72 km/h). Rain and thunderstorms were predicted, all emergency services were put on high alert. Residents and guests of the city were advised not to go outside.

But there were those who did not just leave the house, but went swimming. On the beach "Swallow" the woman went into the sea through powerful waves and began to sink near the shore. Other tourists called lifeguards from the nearby Cuba beach. They quickly arrived at the place and pulled the swimmer ashore.

Over the past 2 weeks, this is not the first such case. Among the “dared men” who love to swim in a storm, the singer Konstantin Legostaev was also noted, who almost died in the sea.

Local media write about the “weakening of the instinct of self-preservation” and "kamikaze tourists". Some believe that resort guests are deliberately looking for death in the waves and offer to check the psychological state of vacationers.

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