Larry the Cat, who serves as head mouser at the British Prime Minister's Downing Street residence, was caught on camera while chasing a fox. A must-have on the BBC's science series, Larry is seen stalking an emaciated fox roaming Downing Street, writes the Guardian

Larry the cat chased a fox in Downing Street

< p>Larry the Cat Chased a Fox in Downing Street

Larry the Cat , who serves as the chief mouser at the British Prime Minister's residence in Downing Street, was caught on camera while chasing a fox. On the frames, which will definitely appear in the series “BBC” about natural history, Larry tracks down an emaciated fox that roams Downing Street, writes the Guardian. Larry has been a resident of Downing Street since February 15, 2011 and is the first residence cat to be officially titled Chief Mouser. The cat was adopted from Battersea on a recommendation for his “excellent mouse playing skills.” “Larry spends all day welcoming guests to the house, inspecting the security system and checking antique furniture for sleepability, — according to the Downing Street website. – His day-to-day duties also include contemplating a solution to the problem of mice taking over the house.

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