The name of the capital of the state played a decisive role

Lopyreva explained why she chose the Seychelles as a holiday destination

Lopyreva explained why she chose the Seychelles as a holiday destination

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The well-known TV presenter and blogger Victoria Lopyreva explained why she went to rest in the Seychelles.

The Seychelles is a state in East Africa, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The archipelago is located north of Madagascar and east of Zanzibar.

Tourists choose the Seychelles for its magnificent beaches, clear sea, constant sun and modern service. However, getting to the islands is quite difficult.

But Victoria Lopyreva named completely different reasons for choosing this place. According to her, the name of the capital of the state – Victoria – played a decisive role. It matches her name.

"Once I made a wish to visit all the places in the world where my name is… so, a few years ago, I met my DR on the Victoria volcano, a couple of years later – on Victoria Peak in Hong Kong and finally got to the Seychelles (the capital is also called Victoria),” the blogger wrote.

"In general, I don’t understand why I always chose other islands, because I have already been almost everywhere, but I envy myself now, because this is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world!" – summed up Lopyreva.

There are indeed many geographical objects on the planet named after Victoria. That was the name of the Queen of Great Britain, who ruled from 1837-1901. Then the British more often than others discovered the remote corners of the planet and named them after their beloved queen.


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