Olive oil price rises by 42.5%

Lunch for tourists in Spain has risen in price by 1.5 euros

Lunch for tourists in Spain increased by 1.5 euros

Spain's tourism sector is suffering from inflation caused by rising prices for electricity. Travelers have already noticed an increase in the cost of holidays, incl. famous Spanish treats.

The price increase affected the famous Spanish menú del día (daily menu) – a standard three-course lunch for tourists, which was invented in the 1960s. Such food was considered the most budgetary. A main course, dessert, coffee, bread and a cold drink cost an average of 12-13 euros.

In recent months, this modest lunch has risen in price by 10-15% or 1-1.5 euros, according to Euronews .

Spanish restaurateurs explain that they are simply unable to keep prices at the same level. In just a few months, olive oil has risen in price by 42.5%. Prices for bread, milk, eggs, meat, and pasta are rising. Prices for electricity and gas for stoves and ovens in the kitchen have skyrocketed.

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