Advice on how profitable and interesting it is to visit the Moskvarium at VDNKh for adults and children. When is the best time to come, how to get there, how much do tickets to the Moskvarium and the water show cost. About the inhabitants of the underwater world, excursions, shows, concerts.

Moskvarium at VDNH: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNH: tickets and tips

Lionfish-zebra inhabitant of Moskvarium

Moskvarium — the largest aquarium in Europe, remote from the sea coast. On August 5, 2022, the Moscow Oceanarium turned 7 years old. Now it is one of the main attractions of the capital.

    More than 12,000 marine and freshwater inhabitants live in 80 aquariums 12,000 m² — the area of ​​the territory of the Aquarium is 600 m2 — exposition length

How to get to Moskvarium

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Moskvarium at VDNH: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Evening Moskvarium at VDNH

The Moskvarium is located in a separate building on the territory of VDNKh in Moscow.

Moscow, Prospekt Mira, 119, bld. 23
Phone: +7 499 677-77-77
Official site of Moskvarium

Opening hours:
Every day 10:00-22:00
Admission from 10:00 to 21:00 (Friday until 20:00)
Sanitary day: last Monday of the month

Moskvarium at VDNH: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

VDNKh free bus — Moskvarium

By metro:
Station «VDNH» (orange Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line), exit №3

By buses:
No. 15, 33, 56, 76, 93, 136, 154, 172, 195, 244, 803, P12, T13, T36, T73, bus stop «VDNH& #187;

By trams:
No. 11, 17, 25, stop «VDNH»

Monorail :
stop «Exhibition Center»

Free shuttle bus:
stop at VDNKh metro station (last car from the center), traffic schedule every 15 minutes from 9:40 to 21:00 both ways

By car:
Nearest entrance to the territory of VDNKh through the checkpoint «Khovansky». Parking to the right of the main entrance to the building.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Visit VDNKh with a historian guide Feel the atmosphere of the exhibition and read its history through sculptures and bas-reliefs

If you are looking for a hotel near VDNH, pay attention to D`Hotel VDNH — he received the Guests’ Choice and high rating from guests. The reviews note silence, a beautiful view from the window, spacious and comfortable rooms, a good buffet breakfast, polite staff. see prices

Tickets to Moskvarium

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Tickets to the Moskvarium

Tickets to the Moskvarium are sold online on the Moskvarium website and on the spot at the box office and vending machines — same price. The price of a ticket to the Moskvarium depends on the day of the week, the age of the visitor and the availability of benefits.

Ticket price to the Moskvarium

Ticket category Monday-Thursday Friday-Sunday Children's ticket 3-12 years old
(not inclusive) 750₽/person 900₽/person Adult ticket 1100₽/person 1300₽/person 2 adults and 1 child 2650₽/group 3250₽/group 2 adults and 2 children 3200₽/group 4100₽/group buying tickets for any Show 700₽/person 850₽/person

Combo tickets

Show+Aquarium. Valid on days of water shows. When buying a ticket to the show for the full price, a ticket to the Aquarium costs 700 rubles — from Monday to Thursday, except holidays, 850 rubles — from Friday to Sunday and public holidays.

Concert in space «Sea of ​​Music» + Night Aquarium on Fridays. Entrance to the Aquarium is included in the ticket price, the price with a concert is 300 rubles more expensive.


    Birthday — 15% discount on Aquarium and/or Water Show ticket. Valid only for 1 birthday ticket on his birthday. Does not apply to the purchase of combined tickets «Show + Aquarium». Students — 10% discount on the ticket to the Aquarium from Monday to Thursday (except holidays and weekends). There are no discounts for the show. If you use a promo code for a discount, you cannot purchase a combined ticket to the Aquarium.


Moskvarium — this is a non-state enterprise, therefore the list of benefits is not regulated by law.

    Disabled people of the 1st group and 1 accompanying person — 10 rubles per visitor on any day Disabled children and 1 accompanying person — 10 rubles per visitor on any day Veterans of the Great Patriotic War — 10 rubles per visitor on any day Heroes of the Russian Federation and the USSR — 10 rubles per visitor on any day Members of large families — 600 rubles per visitor on any day Disabled people of the 2nd group — 600 rubles per visitor on any day Pensioners — 450 rubles per visitor only on Mondays (except weekends and holidays)

Moskvarium sells gift certificates with a face value of 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 rubles. The certificate is valid for 180 days from the date of purchase. Applies to paying for entrance tickets, excursions, tickets to shows, to the Baby Theatre, concerts, exhibitions, combo tickets, Moskvarium photo services, purchases of goods in the branded souvenir shop.

Moskvarium to VDNKh: tickets and tips

< img title="Moskvarium at VDNH: tickets and tips" src="/files/moskvarium-na-vdnh-bilety-i-sovety-9dad681.jpg" alt="Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips" />

Visitors of Moskvarium

Advice to visitors of Moskvarium

    Check all fares, discounts and benefits before purchasing tickets. Families with children benefit from purchasing family tickets. If you have benefits — Review the list of required documents and take them with you. When visiting the show, it is advantageous to immediately buy a combined ticket with a visit to the Aquarium. Tickets to the Moskvarium and the show are cheaper on weekdays from Monday to Thursday (except holidays). The visit time does not affect the price. There are fewer visitors to the Moskvarium on weekdays from early morning until late afternoon. From 12:00 to 14:00, free feedings are held in the Aquarium. Take an audio guide or join a group tour of the Moskvarium. Come to free aquariums and read the information signs. Sign up in advance for swimming with dolphins, themed tours, quests and activities.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Initiation into Muscovites – Red Square for children Classic tour of Red Square for children aged 7 to 14

Moskvarium map

4). scheme

You can go inside and be on the 1st, 2nd and part of the ground floor without a ticket. You must go through security at the entrance.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Photo in the Moskvarium

On the 1st floor there are cash desks and ticket machines, a cafe «Shokoladnitsa», a souvenir shop, photo booths, a tour desk, a cloakroom, a toilet. You can take a picture yourself with a figure of a large polar bear with a cub for free.

On the 2nd floor — restaurant-bar «Narnia» and multimedia exhibition «Jaws».

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium souvenir shop “More Toys”

«Chocolate Girl» in Moskvarium non-network, it has a different menu and prices, the loyalty card is not valid. On the plus side — tables at the marine aquarium with sharks, rays and other exotic fish. The summer veranda is open during the season.

Prices in the Moskvarium souvenir shop «More Toys»: small soft toy (15 cm) — from 450 rubles, big killer whale (100 cm) — 5200 rub. T-shirts, socks, baseball caps — from 400 rubles, badges and key chains — from 490 rubles, books — from 200 rub. whole catalog

Aquarium Exposition

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Entrance to the Aquarium

To the exposition of the Aquarium, you need to go down the stairs or escalator to the 0th floor. The area up to the turnstiles is also free. Here you can view the water wall, feed the koi and take the audio guide.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Feeding koi

Japanese koi are pipet fed, price — 150 rub. Feeding schedule: 10-12, 13-15, 16-18, 19-21.

Aquarium audio guides are issued at the information desk, price — 300 rubles, deposit — 1000 rubles, returned after the return of the equipment.

We came to the Moskvarium on Friday evening for a concert at «Sea of ​​Music», which includes a visit to the Aquarium. Passing through turnstiles where tickets are scanned.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNH: tickets and tips

Exposition of the Aquarium

The Aquarium has 80 specially designed aquariums and pools with a total water volume of 3,000 m³. The exposition is divided into thematic zones. It is dark inside, as it should be in the underwater world.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Rain forests of Southeast Asia

If you took an audio guide or joined the tour, you will be told everything in detail. We examined the exposition on our own, read the accompanying plates and walked from one aquarium to another in random order.

From 12:00 to 14:00, Moskvarium hosts free feedings of tame four-eyed birds, piranhas, arapaima, migratory stingrays — worth it to come and see at this time.

Moskvarium at VDNH: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Cowfish (Horned boxfish)

Aquariums of different shapes and sizes are beautifully decorated and illuminated. A lot of spectators gather at the windows with the most interesting inhabitants and you have to wait in line.

We lingered at the aquarium with an electric eel, admired the zebra lionfish for a long time, laughed along with everyone, looking at the yellow cow fish.


Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips


In the second part of the Aquarium there is a large pool with stingrays, a reef room and an acrylic tunnel. Killer whales, dolphins and beluga whales need to climb the stairs. Viewing windows of the pools may be closed for preventive maintenance and rest of animals.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Aquarium in the reef hall

The reef hall is well lit, so you get good photos here against the backdrop of colorful aquariums and bright fish.

Moskvarium at VDNH: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium Tunnel

Walking through the tunnel always evokes a sea of ​​emotions, especially when sharks swim overhead.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Ticket to the Tretyakov Gallery Get acquainted with the masterpieces of Russian art of the 19th – early 20th century without queues and waiting

We really liked the relaxation area, where you can sit on soft poufs in front of a huge window and watch the marine life.

< img title="Moskvarium at VDNH: tickets and tips" src="/files/moskvarium-na-vdnh-bilety-i-sovety-4a5c8db.jpg" alt="Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips" />

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Baikal seals

In a long pool near the exit, Baikal seals swim, funny turning over.

Moskvarium visit review

If you want to captivate children with something useful and creative, then take them to the Moskvarium. Verified by personal experience. After what they saw at the exposition and watched the show with the participation of aquatic inhabitants, my children ordered encyclopedias and now they are happy to study the inhabitants of the seas and oceans. Children have never seen anything like it. I have been to several aquariums in the country and beyond. Moskvarium really has something to impress. I have never seen this kind of show anywhere. Diana

Water shows in the Moskvarium

The Moskvarium hosts water shows with the participation of professional artists, trainers and, of course, marine animals: dolphins, marine lions, walrus and killer whales. During the show, you can shoot and take pictures.

This season, the Moskvarium hosts the water show «A Midsummer Night's Dream»: three-dimensional projections, 5D effects, great music and interactive programs for the audience. Show duration — 1 hour 30 minutes. Reviews are very good.

Musical «New Year Cruise» in the Moskvarium

In December-January, the New Year's show takes place in the Moskvarium. In 2022-2023, this is the musical «New Year's Cruise». The creators of the show, with the help of more than 100 artists, promise the audience the most fun New Year's Eve on the planet, a meeting with killer whales and much more. Promo code NY2023 for a 10% discount.

Tickets for the show at the Moskvarium must be bought in advance. Prices from 1500 rubles. It is advantageous to purchase a combo ticket with a visit to the Aquarium with the same visit date. Children under 2 years old attend the show for free, but it is not recommended as it goes on without interruption.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Children in the Moskvarium

For younger guests, the Moskvarium has an interactive Baby Theater. During the performance, which lasts 40 minutes, children sit on soft cushions right on the floor, can move freely and play. Now there is «Laminaria's New Year Adventure». Ticket — from 1650 rubles

Tips on how to choose the best seats at the water show:

    Want to get the best view of the animals and take cool photos — choose the front rows, but be prepared for splashes. Do you want to fully see everything that is happening around: numbers on the stage, in the hall, above your head — it is better to take places after the 10th row. Want to save — buy any seats, from each of them everything is perfectly visible.

Excursions and activities in the Moskvarium

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Excursions in the Moskvarium

Sightseeing group tours of the Moskvarium take place every hour from 11:00 to 20:00. Duration — 50 minutes, price — 250 rubles + entrance ticket to the Aquarium. Buy locally.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moscow City. Excursion-quest for children from 10 to 18 years Excursion with tasks and prizes on top of a skyscraper

For individual excursions, lectures and quests, you must sign up in advance. There are tours for different age groups. The knowledge center hosts lectures for children and adults. The lecturers are interesting people: scientists, naturalists, aquarists, TV presenters, travelers, divers.

Swimming with dolphins

Moskvarium at VDNH VDNH: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Swimming with dolphins, photo Moskvarium

Swimming with dolphins despite the high cost — one of the most popular services of Moskvarium. Tickets are sold only at the box office of the Swimming Center or on the website by prior call +7 499 677-77-77. Free sessions must be caught. Gift certificates available.

    10 minutes per person (total session time 35 minutes) — 11000 rub/person Acquaintance with a dolphin, implementation of coaching commands and elements, spectacular tricks and swimming around the pool on a dolphin's fin. 20 minutes for one or two people (total session time 45 minutes) — 18000 rub/group. Extended program: getting to know the dolphin, performing coaching commands and elements, playing part, spectacular stunts, cascade of jumps, swimming on the pectoral and dorsal fins of the dolphin, dancing in the water with the dolphin.

The Moskvarium also offers dolphin therapy (the price depends on the number of sessions) and a young trainer school, where children aged 10-15 are taught the basics of the coaching profession and contact with dolphins in the water.

Concerts in Space «Sea of ​​Music»

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Night concert at the “Sea of ​​Music”

On Fridays, the Moskvarium hosts evening concerts in the Sea of ​​Music space. We visited one of these concerts and we really liked this format: an evening visit to the Moskvarium + a concert.

The concert starts at 20:00, you can enter the Aquarium exposition from 19:00 and stay inside until 00:00 . On the day of the concert, other visitors are allowed only until 19:00, so the halls are almost empty and you can explore the aquarium without fuss. There are almost no children in the Moskvarium at this time either.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Tickets-bracelets for a concert in «Sea of ​​Music»

The price of a standard ticket (without a table) for a concert at «Sea of ​​Music» slightly different from the price of admission to the Aquarium — 1600 rub. There are tickets of more expensive categories from 4200 rubles: with a table for 2 or 4 persons, in the VIP zone. They have access to a viewing window with killer whales. You can buy a table (subject to availability) on the spot. Food and drinks are not included in the price. Prices are like in expensive bars.

We had regular tickets without seats, we listened to «One-The-Go» and watched killer whales from afar. The concert in the Sea of ​​Music space lasts 1.5 hours with a break. poster and tickets

Moskvarium at VDNH VDNH: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Relax zone in front of the panoramic window

We listened to the first half of the concert and during the break we went for a walk around the aquarium exposition. Music was heard from everywhere, we never returned, but stood in the tunnel and sat on ottomans by the panoramic window.

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Fountain «Friendship of Peoples» VDNH

It was possible to stay in the Aquarium until 00:00, but we left earlier and, on the way to the metro, walked around the night VDNKh. After a recent reconstruction, the famous Soviet park has been transformed and prettier, I advise you to come back here with a guided tour.

    VDNKh tours

Moskvarium at VDNKh: tickets and tips

Soviet history at VDNKh Learn about the achievements and myths of the Soviet Union and understand why did this great country disappear?

Moskvarium at VDNKh — this is an amazing water world where you can come many times: to view the exposition, to shows, classes, concerts, swim with dolphins — relax and have fun with the whole family.

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