It's harder for Russian citizens to get to Europe this year

Three countries where rich Russians have a rest this summer named

Three countries where rich Russians are named Russians have a rest this summer

This year it is very difficult for wealthy Russians to get to familiar European resorts. They were replaced by three Asian countries, where the demand for tourism from wealthy Russians has already exceeded the pre-Covid level by 3-4 times, ATOR reports.

Experts of the Space Travel tour operator analyzed requests for VIP segment tours and came to the conclusion , which is in the top sellers of this summer: the UAE, Maldives and Turkey.

Since the end of May, 50% of all tourists traveling with Space Travel have visited premium resorts in the UAE. In second place are the Maldives – 30%, the third – Turkey (20%).

We are talking only about the premium segment. In terms of the total number of tourist flow of Russians, Turkey remains in first place.


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