DATES AND WORKING HOURS: 29.09.-01.10.2022 from 10:00 to 19:00 October 02, 2022 from 10:00 to 17:00 VENUE: LOFT “DUBROVKA” Moscow, st. Sharikopodshipnikovskaya, 15, building 1 M. Dubrovka

“Handicraft Formula” is a holiday for those who love creativity and lively communication, stock up on inspiration and materials for creativity!

The exhibition will be held in a new space Loft “Dubrovka” is a comfortable, modern space. The most convenient way to get to the exhibition venue is on foot. The metro journey takes no more than 3 minutes!
The theme of the exhibition is "Exotic Cocktail"

Exotic – This is a story from childhood. Coconut bananas, hippo crocodiles, jungle, pirates and adventure! Someone was in hot countries, someone was not, but we all remember funny songs about yellow hot Africa and the story about 38 parrots. We have Gena the crocodile, Boniface the lion, and even Kesha the parrot with his Tahiti. And any child from childhood is surrounded by toy guests from the tropics – tigers, giraffes, monkeys.

Tropics – This is a bright holiday, this is the joy of life. It is an endless source of inspiration, mesmerizing shapes and intoxicating colors. We want to turn the autumn “Handicraft Formula” into into an island of joy, rich colors and childhood memories. There will be wicker jungle, African drums, exotic photo zones. Let's meet autumn brightly and cheerfully!

Autumn Exhibition – the largest of the Handicraft Formula projects. About 400 participating companies will gather at one site, from large manufacturers and publishing houses to private craftsmen. Waiting for you:
– materials for your hobby – the most beautiful and unusual materials for creativity and needlework. For beginners and professionals, for children and adults!

– author's works – clothes and accessories (bags, hats, stoles and much more), interior decorations, designer jewelry, natural cosmetics, soap and candles, designer ceramics, home accessories, toys and much more. Every time – something new and interesting!

– new ideas for creativity – get inspired and use it in your own creativity! At each stand you will find a friendly atmosphere, detailed consultations – and a sea of ​​fresh ideas for your creations.
– eco-products for your table. Special project “Delicious handmade” – it is a food court and stands with the sale of natural products. In the food court you can drink coffee, eat soup and pies, try national cuisines, and also – an opportunity to take a break from impressions, gain strength and post the most interesting things on the social network! A number of stands are waiting for you: dishes and kitchen accessories, the freshest spices, chocolate, natural teas and herbal preparations, mushrooms, berries, jam, gingerbread and nuts, the most unusual honey, author's sweets and cheeses – in general, the sea of ​​all goodies!

In the master class area, you can meet the masters and learn new tricks and techniques. Maybe your new hobby is waiting for you there? And master classes – this is a real lifesaver for those who come with children! While mothers and grandmothers are looking at embroideries, children are busy with exciting work!
Several photo zones dedicated to the tropics are waiting for you in the exhibition hall! And two more charity projects, macrame master classes by Olesya Rumyantseva, ethnic drums, a master class in African headdresses, an exposition of designer costumes and a science show for children! 

Don't forget to see the author's expositions!

You will see patchwork panels based on the paintings of the Russian avant-garde, Petr Zyryanov's textile bags, Svetlana Ospischeva's creative space, ancient embroidery in the interior and many other equally interesting expositions.
Don't forget to vote for the entries! There will be two competitions in the fall: “Exotic Cocktail”; – works in any technique dedicated to the theme of the exhibition. Both adults and children are accepted! «Vintage embroidery» – works of modern embroiderers according to old schemes or their stylizations.

At the stand of the editors of the magazine “Formula Handicrafts” A new autumn issue of the magazine “Formula Needlework” is waiting for you! It will be called “Embroider Vacation” and will be dedicated to the past summer. Birds, flowers, funny beach scenes, three reports from the garden, a philosophical Cat and a magical Fox… In addition, the magazine «Formula Needlework» will continue to publish a multi-color project from the company “EstE” – “Madonna with Angels” based on classical painting.
New works of the participants of the flash mob “Flag of Needlework” It will also be possible to hand over at the editorial stand. You will be able to see fragments of the Handicraft Flag over the past years – The flash mob has been around for five years already!

The exhibition will also host a handicraft bookcrossing, where you can take extra books and magazines on needlework. And we save the oldest books and magazines for our future Needlework Museum!
And we will also sing the hymn “Craft Formulas” (Download the anthem…) – loudly and sincerely – Let's learn the words! Again there will be a lottery-quest with prizes from the exhibitors.

And if you yourself want to participate – write us! There are still places!

Application for participation, conditions and cost: uchastija/

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