May 21, the city-wide cultural event “Night at the Museum”

“Night at the Museum » at the Museum of Moscow and its branches

On May 21, a city-wide cultural event “Night at the Museum” will be held ;. On this day, two musical and poetic performances, master classes from artists and archaeologists, lectures on the Petrine era, free walking tours around Gilyarovsky's Moscow are planned at the Museum of Moscow and its branches. Also, an exhibition of participants of the design school for teenagers “Kaskad” will open for several hours at the Museum of Moscow. Entrance to the museum and its branches May 21 — free. 

From 11:00 at the Museum of Moscow it will be possible to visit one-day exhibition of works of participants of the"Museum and City" and “Museum and City: Topos 21” project school for high school students"Cascade". “Museum and City” — a cross-media course in which the work of teenagers on an art project has something in common with research practices. Its main feature — interaction with the Museum of Moscow: together with curators, teenagers visit museum collections, study rare documents and finds from archaeological excavations from different times, and also comprehend the features of the urban environment. 

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