Servants of the people cannot come to a consensus

The officials are confused, the prices for air tickets to Russia have increased or decreased

The officials are confused, increased or decreased prices for air tickets to the Russian Federation

prices for air tickets in Russia fell in 2022.

This year, due to the conflict in Ukraine and Western sanctions, the air travel market has changed significantly. Russians fly less abroad, the airspace of many regions is closed. There are fewer foreign airlines, and Russian ones are not allowed into many countries.

The other day, the Bank of Russia called the aviation industry one of the most affected by the foreign policy crisis and sanctions. Financiers have calculated that air tickets within Russia have risen in price by 22% over the year.

This completely contradicts the recent report of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, according to which air ticket prices in the country decreased by 8%. Until recently, the ministry said that the average cost of an economy class ticket in the Russian Federation is 8470 rubles.

As the Association of Tour Operators of Russia explains, the truth, as always, is in the middle.

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