For the past week, Thailand travel enthusiasts have been alarmed by media reports of crazy price increases in this direction

Prices for tours to Thailand are decreasing

Prices for tours to Thailand are decreasing

For the past week, Thailand travel lovers have been disturbed  media reports about the insane rise in prices in this direction. Even the stars of the Russian pop scene joined this, Grigory Leps spoke about the difficult cost of the trip even for him.

However, tour operators noticed a decrease in prices for tours to Thailand for March-April. According to ATOR, although the Russians have become accustomed to the new rates, which are several times higher than the pre-Covid values, interest in traveling to the kingdom is practically not falling.

 "This is the "golden age of Thailand" – tours to the country have never been as expensive as they are now. It was not easy for tourists to get used to the new prices. But, firstly, Thailand is still not the most expensive of the available destinations, and secondly, new hotels are opening there for discerning tourists, which attracts the attention of a wealthy public,” representatives of travel companies comment.

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