According to one of the hoteliers, this action is a cry of desperation

Resting in the dark. Hotels and restaurants in Madrid turned off the lights due to high price

Rest in the dark. Madrid Hotels and Restaurants Turned Off Lights Due to High Prices

Restaurant and hotel owners in Madrid unusual action against rising electricity prices. In all institutions of the city turned off the light, according to Euronews.

The rise in prices for oil, gas and coal due to instability in the world hit the Spanish economy hard. About 5 million families in the country have already fallen into “energy poverty”, i.e. won't be able to pay for heating in winter.

The same goes for businesses. Farmers were the first to suffer from rising energy prices. Their average monthly expenses increased by 3.5 times from 70 to 247 thousand euros.

The authorities of the kingdom reduced VAT on electricity four times: from 21% to 5%. Electricity prices for consumers are artificially low by 5.2%. But even this does not save the situation.

Therefore, on Tuesday evening, Madrid cafes, restaurants and hotels turned off the lights for 5 minutes. According to one of the hoteliers, this action is a cry of despair: lately, operating expenses have tripled for everyone. And after the pandemic, entrepreneurs have no financial reserves.

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