If Russians became the main foreign buyers of housing in Turkey in 2022

Russians will never find happiness abroad

Russians will never find happiness abroad

If in 2022 Russians became the main foreign homebuyers in Turkey. This year, realtors from Georgia are already reporting a twofold increase in requests from Russian clients.

Despite the fact that in 2022 the demand for housing in Georgia from Russians in Turkey increased 4.5 times relative to the result 2021, that is, Russian citizens actually rushed to move from one country to another.

Georgian real estate sellers are also waiting for an increase in the number of clients from Dubai. Even now, some Russians who have moved to the United Arab Emirates do not extend the financial conditions of life in the UAE and are moving to Georgia.

What is surprising, against this background, the United States, despite the political difficulties, does not refuse the Russians. The State Department on its website reports that it has approved about 75 percent of Russian citizens' requests for short-term visas.

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