It turned out that the tourists themselves did not know the way

< p>“Showed the path.” Near Sochi, 8 people got lost following tourists

Eight people got lost at once Sochi. People followed the tourists, who themselves did not know the way.

It all happened because of a married couple from the Tver region. Not far from the “Eagle Rocks” in the wooded mountains above Sochi, they lost their way, descending from the Akhun tower towards the Caucasian village.

On the way, they met two other tourists and invited them to go together. They followed the unfortunate Susanins, and then attracted two more to their group.

By the end of the descent, another pair of lost ones was added to the group. As a result, a group of eight people came to the confluence of the Agura and Ogurchik rivers. Wandering tourists walked along the power lines up the slope. As soon as it got dark, they realized that they were completely lost and called the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Rescuers found a group near the statue of Prometheus. Specialists took the tourists out of the forest and took them to the city limits. The group included guests from Khanty-Mansiysk and the Moscow region.

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