Siyam World takes an unconventional approach to vacations and the hotel always has something amazing for its guests!

The first horse ranch in the Maldives at the Siyam World Hotel

The Maldives' First Horse Ranch at Siyam World Hotel

Siyam World – this is a non-traditional approach to holidays and the hotel always prepares something amazing for its guests! Siyam World is the only hotel in the Maldives with its own horse ranch! The resort is located on one of the largest natural islands in the Maldives with an area of ​​54 hectares, and there was enough space for a fully equipped ranch with 15,000 square meters of walking fields. m. Now it is home to four beautiful Indian horses of a rare breed. This means that guests of Siyam World will be able to explore the breathtaking beaches and secluded corners of the picturesque island on horseback.
After a thorough study of the conditions for animals on the island and obtaining permission from the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture of the Maldives, the Siyam World family has added four new members. These are Marwari horses from India: white Nur, white and gray Jasmine, brown Kanbulo (translated from the Maldivian language Dhivehi – “beloved”) and black and white stallion Habibi.
The horses happily settled down at the Siyam World horse ranch ensuring their safety and comfort. No expense has been spared to integrate them into island life: there are stables with stalls, facilities for feed and harness, extensive fenced paddocks and fields where horses can frolic freely, as well as a full range of equipment for caring for them. Each is looked after by experienced grooms and a horse veterinarian permanently located on the island. Regular inspections by the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture ensure constant, independent oversight of animal welfare.
Siyam World guests can now ride horses at sunrise or sunset and capture cherished moments in a photo session. Or even go on a romantic sunset stroll as part of  Siyam World's wedding ceremonies.

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