Here you can ski freely, regardless of the state border

Ski resorts in the Alps are adapted for runners and cyclists in summer

Ski resorts in The Alps will be adapted for runners and cyclists in summer

The border municipalities of France and Switzerland have teamed up to implement a common project . Its goal is to make the region a center not only for winter but also for summer tourism, according to Euronews.

The winter ski slopes, which in summer become ordinary mountain roads among the slopes, are proposed to be laid cycling and running routes. The project budget is 1.5 million euros.

Mountain bikers conquer the Alps in summer. For convenience, they install small electric motors on bicycles that help them climb a steep slope.

Tourists especially like that they can ride here freely, regardless of national borders.

“You can literally get from the Swiss side to the French side in just one revolution of the pedals,” says one of the tourists.

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