Russian organic cosmetics brand Natura Siberica has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the Cosmos Hotel Group

SPA by Natura Siberica will open in five-star hotels of Cosmos Hotel Group

Spa by Natura Siberica to open in five-star hotels of Cosmos Hotel Group

In 2023, it is planned to open spa complexes under the SPA by Natura Siberica brand in two five-star  country resort hotels of the Cosmos Hotel Group network, and in the future – in all new hotels of the network operating under the premium Cosmos Collection brand.

Russian cosmetic brand Natura Siberica has expertise in creating spa concepts with a unique Natura Siberica spa philosophy, where care is prepared only from fresh and natural ingredients (vegetable oils, fresh berries, flowers, nutritious moose milk, etc.

SPA by Natura Siberica to open in five-star hotels of Cosmos Hotel Group

 In early 2023, the Cosmos Hotel Group hotel chain and the organic cosmetics brand Natura Siberica entered into a strategic partnership agreement, under which in the near future spa complexes under the SPA by Natura Siberica brand will open in the Cosmos Collection Izumrudny Les (Moscow region) and Cosmos hotels Collection Altay Resort (Republic of Altai). Also, the opening of SPA by Natura Siberica is planned in the new health complex Cosmos Collection Baikal Resort on the lake. Lake Baikal and all new Cosmos Collection hotels.

“Our brand is developing rapidly, and the signing of an agreement with Cosmos Hotel Group – the most important strategic step that will enable both companies to show high results in the very near future, and our clients – enjoy the services of SPA-complexes based on natural and organic cosmetics, – said Felix Lieb, CEO of Natura Siberica.

SPA by Natura Siberica to open in five-star hotels of Cosmos Hotel Group

“The conclusion of a strategic partnership with a major cosmetic brand will allow us to create a completely new product of an immersive spa complex using Natura Siberica organic cosmetics. This approach is fully consistent with the concept of our premium brand Cosmos Collection, whose hotels uniquely combine exclusivity, originality and sustainability”, – Alexander Biba, President of Cosmos Hotel Group, said.

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Natura Siberica – is the world's first brand of organic cosmetics based on Siberian herbs. All plants for the brand's cosmetics are grown on our own certified organic farms in Khakassia, Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Kunashir, or harvested in the wild using the certified Wild Harvesting method. An important advantage of Natura Siberica – complete own production cycle: starting from organic farms and ending with our own laboratory, certification department, cosmetics factory, packaging production and shops. The highest quality, natural composition and safety of Natura Siberica products are proven by international certificates COSMOS Standard (NATURAL and ORGANIC standards), as well as scientific research by specialists from leading medical clinics. Today, the company's products are sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

SPA by Natura Siberica – a premium spa project based on a unique concept of natural treatments that are prepared right in front of the guest and only from fresh ingredients: berries, wild herbs, algae, milk, honey and natural Siberian oils. In Moscow, a stone's throw from Red Square, on Tverskaya 4, operates the flagship Fresh Spa by Natura Siberica. Spa complexes by Natura Siberica are also open at premium resorts and hotels in different regions of Russia.

SPA by Natura Siberica to open in five-star hotels of Cosmos Hotel Group

Cosmos Hotel Group– one of the largest hotel management companies in the Russian market. The portfolio of Cosmos Hotel Group includes over 20 hotels in 16 cities of Russia and the world. Cosmos Hotel Group carries out operational management of assets with a room stock of 5000 units. Cosmos Collection – a premium brand of the Cosmos Hotel Group, within which the chain develops five-star country resorts and resort hotels.

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