Severe, gray, winter everyday life depresses Muscovites

Stars in Bali. Anna Khilkevich and Rita Dakota showed how to relax properly

Stars in Bali. Anna Khilkevich and Rita Dakota showed how to properly relax

Severe, gray, winter days depress Muscovites. Many would like to exchange them for warm, sunny landscapes and gentle sea. Unlike ordinary Russians, domestic stars can afford to fly to warm countries for the winter.

In the new year, the island of Bali has become a popular destination for our celebrities. So, actress Anna Khilkevich, who had dreamed of visiting Bali for many years, flew to the island with her family. Anna, who is fond of esotericism, indulges in meditation in Bali and is inspired by retreats. Also, Rita Dakota is now resting in Bali with her daughter Mia.

For Dakota, Bali has long been a second home, the singer annually flies here to spend the winter. The other day the girls cooperated, gathered a huge company and went rafting down the river. Moreover, according to Dakota, she had to deceive the organizers a little. The fact is that Rita's daughter is only five years old and Mia was not allowed to alloy due to her age.

The resourceful singer quickly responded, assuring everyone that the child was older.  Would you risk cheating for a white water rafting permit?

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