Deputies reminded that the majority of Russians are not going to celebrate the New Year

The State Duma intends to make New Year's tourism «more patriotic»

The State Duma intends to make New Year's tourism “more patriotic”

Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation want to make the New Year's tourism of Russians “more patriotic”.

At the beginning of the week, the Duma Committee for Tourism and Tourism Infrastructure Development held a round table on the new realities of tourism in the Russian Federation. The deputies recalled that, according to the survey, 74% of Russians are going to cancel the celebration of the New Year because of the events in Ukraine.

"Now tourism can reformat attention to our core values. Involving children in family trips will allow Russians to get to know the country and form patriotism and pride in Russia,” said deputy Alla Salaeva.

She is echoed by the chairman of the Tourism Committee, a former player in KVN Sangadzhi Tarbaev.< /p>

"We are capable of reorienting the interests of Russians in tourism towards learning, patriotic, educational, natural and cultural activities. We can offer our colleagues a number of tourist products for the New Year,” he said.

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