Without tourists, the enterprise ceased to be profitable

“Stopped making a profit.” Animals thrown out of ruined dolphinarium in Crimea

In Sevastopol, environmental activists and local residents are looking for trained dolphins , which the owner of the local dolphinarium Flipper released into the open sea.

Since September, the flow of tourists to the Crimea has declined sharply. This is due both to the natural annual outflow of vacationers after the summer, and to political events and the course of the conflict in Ukraine.

The owner of the dolphinarium said that without tourists, the enterprise ceased to be profitable.

«I don't have the means to keep Red Book animals. So I released them into their habitat, home,” he says.

The dolphinarium staff and zoologists were shocked by this decision. The boss accepted him without any prior consultation. Experts say that domesticated dolphins will die in the open sea, where the harsh laws of nature reign, from which they have lost the habit.

A whole rescue operation has begun in the Black Sea. Animals are searched for on a boat, from which the trainer gives sound signals that the dolphins must recognize. -right”>

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