Politicians from Kazakhstan and Finland differ in their assessments

The authorities of the countries neighboring the Russian Federation are discussing a ban on the entry of Russians

The authorities of the countries neighboring the Russian Federation discussing a ban on the entry of Russians

The authorities of countries bordering the Russian Federation commented on the idea of ​​a ban on the entry of Russians who massly try to go abroad due to the announced mobilization.

Since Wednesday evening, many kilometers of traffic jams have formed at border points for leaving Russia, there are practically no places left for outbound flights and trains. Russians are fleeing not only to prosperous countries such as Finland or Turkey, but also to Georgia, Kazakhstan and even Mongolia.

In this regard, the Finnish authorities announced that they plan to soon restrict the entry of Russians. As Finnish Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said, the country does not want to be a transit point for Russians.

“Today we started preparing a solution on how to limit or completely prevent this tourist flow. Including a new law that will be prepared very quickly, or an interpretation of existing rules, — said the minister.

The authorities of Kazakhstan also commented on the influx of Russians into the country. Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation are united by the CSTO military alliance and the EAEU economic association. Citizens of the two states can freely cross the border even with an internal passport.

As the chairman of the Senate of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Maulen Ashimbaev, said, the rights of Russians to enter will not be restricted.

“Russians come to us may come. We cannot and should not limit: if a person comes on business, to visit relatives or comes for the purpose of tourism. Just like Kazakhstanis can travel to Russia. This is a mutual process, so we cannot limit it. This is our policy,” the politician said.

He noted that obtaining a residence permit in Kazakhstan for a long time is another matter. This requires the presence of a place of residence, obtaining a Kazakh IIN and registration with the migration service.

The authorities of the Baltic states have clearly defined their position on this issue even earlier. They completely banned the entry of Russians into their territory, even with Schengen visas. Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian national visas are no longer issued to citizens of the Russian Federation.

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